Get in on this festive fall trend before the spooky season is through.

Credit: Getty Images

Monday marked the official onset of fall, which means it's officially A-OK to begin busting out your Halloween decorations. While we'd normally use this month as an excuse pull out tried-and-true faux pumpkins or plastic cauldrons brimming with candy, this spooky season calls for one very unexpected decorating trend: Halloween trees.

They're every bit as festive as they sound, and from the looks of Instagram and Pinterest, the Halloween tree trend is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, the new seasonal sensation has racked up over 22,000 images via Instagram's #halloweentree hashtag.

Halloween trees differ from those of the traditional Christmas variety in that you won't find any shades of red or green on this autumnal trend. Tinsel and toppers are very much encouraged, and a festive palette of orange and black is standard among the Halloween trees currently populating the Instagram hashtag. Halloween trees also require just as much (if not more) ornaments in the form of skeletons, bats, witches, and black-and-white striped garlands even Beetlejuice would approve of.

Inspired to create a Halloween tree of your own at home? Get inspired to deck the halls with these festive finds:

Paper ornaments and black glitter baubles add edge to this artificial tree. Short on available space within your home? The Halloween tree trend applies to both trees big and small.

Black-and-white striped pumpkins are the focal point of this festive tree. In lieu of a single tree topper, this design incorporated a paper bat-mobile to up the spook factor.

Displayed in an entryway, this black and orange tree is a prominent display of Halloween pride. We especially love that the cozy knitted tree skirt instantly ups the feeling of hygge.

Nothing says Halloween quite like a colorful tree adorned with glitter ornaments and an assortment of masks.

Take the trend beyond trees and adorn a fireplace mantle with a Halloween-ready wreath. Painted miniature pumpkins add a sense of whimsy to this look, along with macabre faux skulls.