Trick or treat? An English journalist thinks you shouldn't have to choose.

Chocolate balls
Credit: Hira Ramful / Getty Images

For parents, Halloween might be the only day of the year when it’s hard to say no to candy. Try as they might, the October 31 menu usually ends up heavy on the sweet stuff, light on the vegetables. But one English man might have a sneaky way to get kids to eat greens.

Since the beginning of October, tech journalist Mark Sparrow has been tweeting out what he calls “tricky treats,” or sweets that contain a surprise (often healthy) element. Last year, Sparrow’s chocolate-covered Brussels sprouts masquerading as a Whopper or Milk Dud went viral.

This year, he’s back with some more sneaky snacks in his prank repertoire. Some of his new pranks follow the same vein as the Brussels sprouts, like chocolate-covered broccoli; peanut butter-filled, chocolate-coated jalapeno peppers; and caramel-dipped onions, for example.

Some of his gag goodies are less healthy, too, like replacing the creamy center of an Oreo with toothpaste, swapping in mayonnaise as the filling of a custard doughnut, or baking in broccoli in a cupcake or muffin.

Though the person expecting a sweet filling when they bite into the treat might not think so, we think these “tricky treats” are a great inspiration for a silly, but good spirited Halloween trick. (Though we can't promise the kids will actually fall for these pranks!)

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