Halloween Pajamas Are the Trend We Can All Get Behind This Year

Keep it cozy on October 31.

Halloween pajamas or pjs 2020 - dinosaur hoodie
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Instead of figuring out last-minute Halloween costumes and heading out for a party or trick-or-treating, make this Halloween more about a cozy night at home. (And with so many great things to do on Halloween at home, you absolutely don't have to feel obliged to head out on the town to have a good time.)

Halloween pajamas are the best way to be cute, comfortable, and on-theme. Bonus? Halloween pajamas work beautifully for kids and adults—and there are plenty of adorable options out there.

Looking for a little inspiration? We have some ideas below for three popular types of Halloween pajamas.

Slip Into a Halloween Onesie

For adults and kids, onesies and jumpsuits (aka footie pajamas) are the way to go.

Halloween pajamas or pjs trend - Adult pajamas fox onesie

Try some foxy PJs.

This cozy knit onesie is warm, cute, gender neutral—and could make a great costume in its own right.

Mummy onesie

Go for a mummy look.

This clever mummy onesie looks costume-like but is cozy enough for a day at home. There's a matching women's style, so you can both cocoon in comfort.

Try Two-Piece Halloween PJs

Onesies definitely aren't for everyone. Fortunately, there are plenty of great two-piece options, too—whether you want a costume-like set, or just want to pair a graphic T-shirt with a pair of comfy bottoms.

Halloween pajamas or pjs trend - kids pajamas set with skeleton pattern

Slip into some skeleton PJs.

This adorable skeleton set of Halloween PJs for toddlers features glow-in-the-dark bones. (And you can find lots of similar options for grownups, too.)

Villain Halloween Pajamas

Show your villains' pride.

If you want something a little less costume-like, this cute pajama set featuring some Disney baddies will take you far beyond Halloween.

This Is My Halloween Costume

Make a Halloween fashion statement with your PJs.

If you really can't find the right look, make your own Halloween pajama set with this clever Halloween graphic tee and your favorite pajama pants.

Astronaut Halloween PJS

Make their costume super comfy.

Dressing up as an astronaut has never been so comfy. With these cute Halloween PJs, your little one might just doze off during your trick-or-treating rounds.

Opt for a Halloween Hoodie

Find a great hoodie sweatshirt with decorative accents and pair it with leggings, pajama pants, or something equally comfy for a cozy, yet costume-like look.

Halloween pajamas or pjs trend - kids' dinosaur hoodie pajamas

Get dino-riffic.

This cute kids' hoodie features dinosaur-like spikes along the hood.

Dog Halloween costume

Get your pet in on the Halloween hoodie trend.

Your favorite canine can get in on the cozy vibe with this adorable fleece hoodie.

Pokemon hoodie

Turn your kiddo into Pokemon.

This bright yellow hoodie can help get your favorite Pokemon fan into the holiday spirit.

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