Keep it cozy on October 31.

By Lauren Phillips
October 14, 2020
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Instead of figuring out last-minute Halloween costumes and heading out for a party or trick-or-treating, Halloween 2020 might consist of a lot more Halloween movies on Netflix and quality time at home. Sure, you could find a Halloween costume with a mask and go to a socially distanced, outdoor celebration, but with so many great things to do on Halloween at home, you absolutely don’t have to.

The one downside of spending Halloween at home? Missing out on dressing up. Fortunately, there’s a middle-ground between sitting around the house in your DIY Halloween costume and wearing your standard comfy pants: Halloween pajamas. According to data from Etsy, there’s been a 205 percent spike in searches for Halloween PJs this year. On Google, kids’ Halloween pajamas and adult Halloween pajamas are both breakout hits as more and more people figure out what to wear on Halloween at home.


More people are searching for Halloween pajamas this year than ever before, and it makes sense. You want to be comfy and cozy, but you also want to be festive and seasonal—and if you’re joining a Halloween Zoom call or virtual party, Halloween pajamas are the best way to be cute, comfortable, and on-theme.

The best development this year is that adults are getting in on the Halloween pajamas trend. It may have been something for kids in the past, but this year, Halloween pajamas are for all—and there are plenty of great options out there. (They’re not all just the same patterned sets you see year after year, too.) Just plan early, as there may be a shortage or shipping delays with the new interest in Halloween pajamas. Looking for a little inspiration? We have some ideas below for three popular types of Halloween pajamas.



For adults, onesies and jumpsuits (aka footie pajamas) are the way to go. This knit option on Etsy (pictured) is warm, cute, and gender neutral. Other great options could be worn as a cozy Halloween costume or just Halloween pajamas—if you’ve never jumped on the onesie trend, now is the time. Kohl’s has a great Chewbacca jumpsuit (complete with hood!) for Star Wars fans, and Macy’s has a super-fuzzy Eeyore one-piece. Do a little digging online—chances are, no matter what character you want to be, you can find a pajama look to make it happen without sacrificing comfort.


Onesies definitely aren’t for everyone. Fortunately, there are plenty of great two-piece options, too, like this set for kids that mimics a skeleton (pictured). Nearly anywhere you buy children’s PJs will have plenty of Halloween options. Two-piece options for adults aren’t as plentiful—you can expect to find a lot of flannel bottoms with graphic-tee tops, as with this set from Old Navy—but with a little creativity, you’ll likely be able to find a set that works for you.



If you really can’t find the right look, make your own Halloween pajama set with a Halloween graphic tee (this one is clever and funny) and your favorite pajama pants. Find a great hoodie sweatshirt with decorative accents and pair it with leggings, pajama pants, or something equally comfy—even a tutu can become pajamas, as with this adorable dinosaur hoodie for kids (pictured).