We help you create the ideal October 31 soundtrack with the holiday’s family-friendly hits.

By Real Simple
Updated October 22, 2014
Tetra Images,  Getty Images

No party is complete without the perfect playlist. And when it comes to a kids’ party, you want to know that your speakers won’t start blaring vulgar expletives the second you hit “play.” We’re here to help.

We’ve created a Spotify playlist of 10 songs you can play on repeat for a fun, PG Halloween party. It’s full of old classics—from The Addams Family theme to Time Warp—that all fans of Halloween should know by heart. Let’s be honest: This playlist may be for the kids, but we think you’ll be doing the Monster Mash right along with them.

Plus: If you’re looking for games that go above and beyond bobbing for apples, we came up with 10 ideas that all guests will love.