Need a last-minute costume? Start by raiding your makeup bag: Follow the how-tos in these vlogger tutorials to transform yourself.

By Real Simple
Updated October 09, 2014
Gentl & Hyers

Classic Black Cat
Come-hither eyes and a cute button nose make this black cat anything but ordinary.

1960s Mod Girl
Get the look made famous by Swinging ’60s It Girl Twiggy by replicating her signature doe eyes with big lashes. Don’t have a pixie cut? Fake it: Give yourself a wide part, pull your hair into a low ponytail, then tuck—and pin—it up into your hair. To keep hair as sleek as Twiggy’s, slip in bobby pins just behind your ears and spritz overall with hair spray.

With a few makeup items and a simple costume (plaid shirt, jeans, straw hat) you’ll look like you should be off to see the Wizard with Dorothy and company.

Ancient Egyptian Goddess
Why settle for mere belle of the Halloween ball when you can be the queen of the Nile? Try this golden look paired with a twisted and belted sheet and a big collar necklace.

Glammed-Up Vampire
This is not your mother’s—or your tween sister’s—vampire. Shimmery metallics replace the bloodsucker’s typical pale look. Interpret “vamp wear” as you will, but plastic fangs—and a predawn curfew—are a must.

1920s Flapper
For a vamp of a whole other sort, go with a 1920s femme fatale with kohl-lined eyes and a pointed Cupid’s-bow mouth.

Skeleton Mask
If you’re a more, ahem, bare-bones sort, then you’ll love this mask, created with eyeliner, eye shadow, and jumbo eye pencils. (Note: Though this vlogger added black contact lenses to finish her look, be cautious about following suit—there are risks to wearing decorative lenses.)