Get into the spirit of the season with these super-fun and kid-approved party games and activities.

By Real Simple
Updated October 08, 2014
Mimi Haddon/Getty Images

Mystery Box
Cut a hole in a box and fill it with “creepy” items that kids can reach in and touch. Peeled grapes become “eyeballs,” cold spaghetti is “brains,” and pumpkin guts are real “guts.” Use your imagination with other supplies, like gummy worms, Jell-O, etc. Label the boxes and poke holes in them or leave them open and blindfold the kids instead—you can send them down the line and ask them to guess what’s inside each box.

Paint Pumpkins
Sure, carving a pumpkin is a Halloween tradition. But let’s face it—painting one is a whole lot easier (and cleaner). Let kids make their own designs, and put out an assortment of craft supplies. Googly eyes and a pipe cleaner tail, for instance, can transform a plain painted pumpkin into a spooky Halloween creature.

Candy Guess
What’s a Halloween party without candy? Fill up clear containers with one kind of sweet like candy corn or Jolly Ranchers. Count up how many pieces are in each jar, and then let kids fill out slips of paper with their names and a guess as to how much candy is in each container. Whoever comes the closest gets to take the contents home.

Costume Contest
Fill up a big container with random household items, like a broom, duct tape, a bucket, a pillow, a blanket—whatever you have will work. Break into teams and ask each team to invent the best-possible costume out of the makeshift supplies. Adults at the party can judge.

Mummy Race
Have everyone pair up and wrap his or her partner into a mummy using a roll of toilet paper (no skin can be showing!). Whoever transforms into a mummy first, wins. You can add an extra twist to the challenge by having all the mummies compete in a running race afterward.

Create Your Own “Potion”
Give kids “ingredients,” like Kool-Aid, Sprite, gummy worms, etc., and then let them create their own “magic potions.” They can also decorate plastic “goblets” to store them in. Let each child present what his or her potion “does” (Makes you lucky for 24 hours! Turns all your food into dessert!). They can even use eyedroppers to give other kids a taste.

DIY Trick-or-Treat Bags
Brown paper bags, plain plastic buckets or pillowcases can all transform into usable trick-or-treat bags for hauling home candy on Halloween night. All kids need are fun supplies—felt designs, stamps, stickers, markers, paint, etc. Need more ideas? Check out our DIYs here.

Write a Fill-in-the-Blanks Story
Create your own Halloween-themed fill-in-the-blanks story (Mad Lib-style) and print out copies for each party-goer to fill in (or use our version here). Everyone can read his or her own completed story to the group, or they can trade and read a different child’s. Have a shy bunch? A parent can read all of them aloud.

Decorate Sugar Cookies
Cut out plain Halloween-shaped sugar cookies, like ghosts, pumpkins, etc., and bake before the party. Then give kids icing and decorations to top them with—brown and orange sprinkles, chocolate chips for eyes, etc. They can take home the finished product in treat bags for instant party favors.

Zombie Tag
This camp favorite is perfect for Halloween. Put all the attendees in a confined space—either a small room or a part of a room that’s been cordoned off. One child starts as “It” and can only walk like a zombie, with their arms pointed straight out. Once they tag another kid, they, too, turn into a zombie. It keeps going until the whole living room looks like the set of The Walking Dead.