The Best False Eyelashes for Halloween Costumes

Up the wow-factor (and ensure you look great in photos) with these attractive and easy-to-apply fake eyelashes. 

Regardless of what costume you're wearing for Halloween this year (Hillary! Belle! Wonder Woman!), incorporating a pair of false eyelashes into your look is a surprisingly easy way to up the drama (not to mention, guarantee that you'll look amazing in pictures). Before you run the other way, know that applying fake lashes is easier than you might think. Yes, the beauty move sure seems intimidating, but with a few easy tips and a little practice, you just might want to wear a set of lashes everyday (ok, at least for big occasions!).

While there are endless fake lash options (natural, over-the-top, colorful, bejeweled, the list goes on...), you apply them all the same way. What you'll need: mascara, a set of false lashes, and eyelash adhesive. First thing's first: Curl and apply mascara. Doing this creates some weight for the fake lashes to sit on. Next, hold the lash strip up to your eye and, using cuticle scissors, trim away any excess length. Another trick? Cut the lash directly in half and apply it in two sections, making it easier to apply than one long strip. Trace a thin line of lash glue along the lash band. Now—this is important—wait 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky. If you put the lashes on while the glue is too wet, they'll slide. Lastly, using your fingers (they offer more control than tweezers), place the strip onto your lids. Start at the outer corner and work in, setting the band as close to your lash line as possible for a seamless finish. Voila! Now, to help you determine which set of falsies is right for you, read on.


Eylure Luxe Faux Mink Gilded Lashes

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These glossy, yet super soft falsies will instantly give you that pretty pretty princess look. They’re dense at the base, yet they vary in length so they’ll look more feathery and flirty, less spidery. Ideal if you’re going to be a Disney princess, cute cat, or glam celebrity. Bonus: This set comes with glue and, if you’re careful, you can store them back in the tray when you’re done wearing and get a few uses out of them.

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Make Up For Ever Lash Show False Lashes in 702 Winged

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If you really want to amp up the drama (maybe you’re going as Marilyn Monroe or Nicki Minaj), grab these winged lashes. They add length and volume, but the winged design will give your eyes a sexy cat-eye look. Good to know: The bands are super thin and flexible so, even after a few hours, your eyes won’t feel heavy. Also, the eyeliner glue (included in the set) is latex-free—a great option for those with sensitive eyes.

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Huda Beauty Classic False Lashes in Sasha #11

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If you’re going for more of an ethereal look (say, a pixie or fairy like Tinkerbell), this set is for you. They’re light in density (more fluttery; less heavy and chunky). The durable lashes (a mix of natural and synthetic fibers) are crisscrossed for an airier, more natural feel and sit at a believable length. (FYI: Lash glue isn’t included in this set so be sure to pick it up separately.)

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Battington Earhart

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Made of 100 percent silk, these handmade lashes are the lightest, most natural-looking option on the list. Plus, they last up to an impressive 25 times (with proper care—no sleeping or showering with them on). Because they are so lightweight, the lashes hold their curl. So no matter what Halloween costume or character you choose to go as, these falsies will brighten your eyes and make you look polished. Bonus: 2 percent of each sale goes to the Global Fund for Women.

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Kiss Individual Lash From I.Envy in Ultra Black Medium

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So maybe you’re not feeling the whole false lash strip thing. That’s okay. Another great option is individual lashes, which look super natural. Instead of covering your whole lash line, you place them on the spots where you want them (outer corners or in the center to make eyes pop). In this pack, you get 70 clusters (each one contains a few lashes). If you mess up, simply peel off the cluster, remove the glue, re-glue, and try again.

To buy: $4 for 70 lash clusters;


Ardell Wildlash Just For Fun False Eyelashes in Pretty

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If your Halloween costume calls for a little bit of bling (maybe you’re going as a unicorn or Cleopatra), consider these sparklers. Each lash contains a row of tiny crystals that catch the light when you blink (or wink). They’re also great for making your lashes look like they’re frozen or dusted in snowflakes (in case you’re going as an ice queen or any character from Frozen).

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