All made from supplies found around the house.

If you’re looking for ways to let your little ones join in on the Halloween fun, these craft projects that are more silly than spooky are a fun way to get younger children into the festivities. Toddlers will love playing a few rounds of Halloween-themed tic-tac-toe and may spend hours crafting mummies and monsters, while you’ll appreciate that most of the supplies can be found around the house. Keep younger toddlers entertained with a game of ghost bowling, or let older toddlers with more advanced motor skills try their hand at painting rock monsters. To find supplies for these crafts, search the junk drawer, craft bin, or kitchen cabinets. With a little Halloween magic (and a dash of creativity), paper cups and plates, toilet paper rolls, and rocks transform into a cast of mummies, monsters, cats, and bats. Toddlers will be delighted to see the magic that can be conjured with their own two hands.

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