How to Make a Face Mask Work With Your Costume This Halloween

A Halloween costume isn’t an excuse for risky behavior: Here are smart ideas for making your face mask and costume work together.

Halloween is going to look a little different in 2020. Costumes—even low-effort, easy Halloween costumes—may require a bit more covering up than they have in the past, and we're not talking about finding something cozier than those sexy vampire or sexy zombie costumes. Thanks to the coronavirus and COVID-19, you'll need to wear a real cloth mask or face covering alongside the typical Halloween masks and makeup if you're planning to trick or treat or hit up a Halloween party this October 31.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to work a mask into your Halloween costume during COVID, so you can still look fantastic, authentic (and maybe even sexy)—and help keep yourself and your loved ones safe. If you're venturing out and leaving the list of things to do on Halloween at home for another time, here's how to make your mask part of your costume.

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Choose costumes where masks are an essential accessory

There are plenty of costume options where a protective mask can be easily worked into the look. All you need are scrubs and a surgical mask to dress up as a real hero—a doctor or nurse. Masks are also a must-have for a ninja costume, and white masks can easily be part of a ghost or mummy costume. If you dress up as a cowboy or bandit, a bandana can be your mask. Star Wars fans might consider a Rebel pilot costume, which has a face mask attached to the helmet.

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Layer a Halloween mask over your medical mask

While a standard-issue Darth Vader, Michael Myers, Iron Man, or other monster mask isn't going to cover your nose and mouth enough to protect you and others from coronavirus, they will hide the fact that you're wearing a protective mask beneath them. Go ahead and wear a cloth mask underneath your favorite Halloween mask.

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Buy cloth masks that take the place of makeup

No need to draw on cat whiskers or a freaky clown mouth—just find the right mask for the job. The Disney Store sells masks with the noses and mouths of beloved characters such as Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh. All you need are ears and a red T-shirt or shorts to complete the look. Etsy sellers stock scarier themed masks for zombies, monsters, and clowns, and Hot Topic has vampire fangs, cat faces, and skull masks.

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DIY a spooky or festive mask

Fabric markers or paint can help turn a basic cloth mask into the perfect Halloween accessory. (If you're not much for dressing up, you can even just write one of your favorite Halloween quotes on it.) Draw nose slits and a mouth onto a white mask and pair it with pale makeup and a dark robe for a Voldemort costume, or paint on the Joker's signature grin. (Tip: Depending on the mask style, you might be able to draw your costume look on one side, and continue wearing it as an everyday mask by just putting the drawing toward your face after washing it on other days.)

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Opt for a mask that matches your costume's style

Even if a mask doesn't work perfectly with your costume, you can choose a mask style that complements your look. Try a bejeweled or sequined one to go with a fairy or princess costume, pick a camouflage print for a solider, or go with an iridescent fabric for a mermaid.

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Consider a face shield

Clear face shields don't provide the same level of coronavirus protection as a fabric mask, but they'll make a cool addition to an astronaut, hazmat, or alien costume.

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