1 Easy Brownie Recipe, 5 Awesome Halloween Upgrades

Start with one batch of brownies—end up with a spooktacular spread of holiday treats.

These no-fuss brownies are moist, rich, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious—and the perfect blank canvas for some playful Halloween decorating. For an extra bit of texture and a double dose of chocolate flavor, try stirring a small handful of chocolate chips into the batter before baking.


Yummy Mummies Brownies

Photo by Sarah Karnasiewicz

Fill a pastry bag fitted with a flat tip with white frosting. Pipe the frosting across the surface of a brownie in lines, forming overlapping “bandages.” Leave a bit of space between two of the lines and add candy googly eyes.


Cookie Tombstones Brownies

Photo by Sarah Karnasiewicz

Ice a brownie with a thin layer of chocolate frosting or Nutella. Break a Milano cookie in half and, using frosting or a food safe pen, decorate it with the letters “RIP.” Stand the cookie tombstone up on on the brownie, pressing down gently to adhere it to the frosting. Break a chocolate cookie, such as an Oreo, into small crumbs and scatter them around the tombstone to create the appearance of dirt.


Spooky Spiders Brownies

Photo by Sarah Karnasiewicz

Use a round cookie cutter to slice a brownie into a circle. Break small pretzel twists into six to eight curved pieces and gently press them into the edges of the brownie to form legs. (Be gentle: If you press too hard, the brownie will crumble.) To make eyes, pipe two small dots of white frosting near the top of the circle and top with red hot candies.


Sugar Stencils Brownies

Photo by Sarah Karnasiewicz

Lay a stencil on the surface of the brownie. (If you’re crafty, you can make your own stencils using thin cardboard and an X-Acto knife—or purchase kits like these.) Add 2 tablespoons of confectioners sugar to a small mesh sifter. Holding the sifter about 3 inches above the brownie, gently and evenly sift out the sugar so that it covers the brownie and the stencil. Carefully remove the stencil.


Candy Corn Mosaic Brownies

Photo by Sarah Karnasiewicz

Slice brownies into wedges. (If you plan to make multiples in this style, it’s easiest to bake the whole batch of brownies in a round cake pan.) Frost a brownie with a thin layer of chocolate frosting. Starting at the widest end of the wedge, lay a tightly packed row of brown Reese’s Pieces atop the frosting. Then, using orange Reese’s Pieces, continue making rows across the wedge, working from the widest part of the wedge to the narrowest, until you have covered 2/3 of the brownie. Overlap each candy just slightly with the one before so that the entire surface is covered. Finish covering the brownie with two small rows of yellow Reese’s Pieces.