9 Must-Have Halloween Apps

You might have prepared your costume for the spookiest time of the year, but is your smartphone ready? Fill up your device with these fun apps for kids and adults—some scary, some fun, and some just plain useful.


Nextdoor Halloween

Photo by nextdoorhalloween.com

Are you wondering who’s giving out candy in your neighborhood this year? Now, you don’t have to go street-to-street to find out, risking endless blocks of dark porches. Plug your address into Nextdoor’s Treat Map come Halloween night to plan out a safe route through your neighborhood, making sure to hit your kid’s favorite houses—without bothering friends who don’t celebrate the holiday.

To buy: Free, nextdoor.com/treat. For iOS and Android devices.


Zombies iMake

Photo by itunes.apple.com

Get your preschooler in the Halloween spirit with this make-your-own monster app. Combine cartoonish bulging eyes, zombie bodies, and plenty of fashionable add-ons (think scuba sets to hipster glasses) to create a unique, personalized horde of funny ghouls. Of course, we won’t blame you if you want to make your own.

To buy: Free, itunes.com. For iOS devices


Family Locator by Life360

Photo by life360.com

If your child is begging to trick-or-treat on their own this Halloween, keep an eye on their whereabouts with the Family Locator app. Set up a safe zone around your home, and the program will automatically ping you when your children leave. Watch the map to make sure they don’t veer off course or return for extra helpings of your neighbor’s chocolate candies.

To buy: Free, life260.com. For iOS and Android devices.


Spooky Font Keyboard

Photo by itunes.apple.com

Don’t just celebrate the holiday with your costume—celebrate it in your iMessages, too. This devilish keyboard lets you add spooky decorations to your texts. The app features more than 60 ghoulish fonts, so whether you’re channeling a mummy or witch, you’ll always be able to express your thoughts with style.

To buy: Free, itunes.com. For iOS devices.


Smash Your Food HD

Photo by itunes.apple.com

Having trouble keeping your kids from overindulging in all that candy? Use this food health app—a winner in Michelle Obama’s “Apps for Healthy Kids” national competition—to look inside their pile of chocolate bars and sweets. They’ll have to “smash” the food to learn how many blocks of sugar and drops of oil are contained within—the knowledge might just help keep portion sizes under control.

To buy: $3, itunes.com. For iOS devices.



Photo by itunes.apple.com

Want to turn your house into the neighborhood’s coolest spot this Halloween, but need inspiration? Try craftgawker, which combines your favorite parts of Pinterest with some serious expertise from professional DIY bloggers. You’ll find ideas for all sorts of Halloween projects, from spooktacular decor to edible eyeballs to gorgeous pumpkin artwork.

To buy: Free, itunes.com. For iOS devices.


Costume Quest

Photo by itunes.apple.com

Everyone will enjoy this Halloween adventure game, where you control a cute character who is in for a night of otherworldly trick-or-treating. Collect costumes and candy, plus add other characters to your team to complete your quest—all before your curfew.

To buy: $5, itunes.com. For iOS devices.



Photo by itunes.apple.com

Add some spooky background noise to your Halloween trick-or-treating with the help of this clever app, which provides a wealth of creepy sounds sure to give your kids a silly scare. An evil laugh? The slow creak of a door opening? Add frightening effects to anything you do—and learn some Halloween trivia at the same time.

To buy: Free, itunes.com. For iOS devices.


First Aid App

Photo by redcross.com

With all the elaborate costumes and eye-covering masks, it’s no surprise that Halloween is one of the most dangerous nights for kids on the candy prowl. The Red Cross’s First Aid app provides resources and detailed instructions for any emergency that may arise, from scraped knees to broken bones. ​

To buy: Free, redcross.com. For iOS and Android devices.