In their neverending quest to make our lives simpler, Amazon has teamed up with three DIY influencers to create how-to guides for reusing Amazon Smile boxes to make epic—and essentially free—Halloween costumes.

By Savannah James
Updated October 10, 2017
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Amazon car boxtume
Credit: Amazon

Rather than flatten your latest shipment and haul it out to the curb, try upcycling the brown boxes into a fantastically festive Halloween costume. Three top DIY bloggers were tapped to help make these costumes—a cake slice, a unicorn, or a car—the best they could possibly be: Crafty Chica created the how-to guide for this cake slice, Tatertots and Jello crafted the unicorn boxtume, and Oh Happy Day made the car boxtume.

The idea is to use Amazon Smile boxes and craft using items you would already have around the house—like confetti, duct tape, and a black marker—for a simple, fun costume that doubles as a group activity. And perhaps best of all: You can modify the designs however you’d like (think for color or size)—these costumes have no limits! Craft your Halloween disguise to be as minimal or as maximal as you’d like; no two Boxtumes will truly be the same.

The costumes work whether you are alone or in a group, too. Cars are a good choice for a large group, and who wouldn't want a herd of tiny toddler unicorns running through the neighborhood to trick-or-treat?

If you are looking to purchase a costume instead of going the DIY route, check out these options that won’t break the bank. And if you need a little inspiration before you make your costume decision, read about the costumes that are trending on Pinterest. And don’t forget about your furry friends—dressing your dog or cat is just as much fun (if not more!) as dressing yourself.