Last Minute Gilmore Girls Costumes

You can find most of these clothing items in your closet.

Halloween is just a few days away—if you’ve procrastinated and are looking for a zeitgeist-y costume that’s pretty much effortless, we have a few ideas, and they all involve the beloved TV series Gilmore Girls. With the impending return of Lorelai and Rory to our screens (television, laptop, and tablet) on Netflix on November 25, a Gilmore-approved costume will be just the right option that’s both timely and buzz-worthy.

Take a look at some of the easiest ideas to dress like Lorelai, Rory, Emily, Luke, and more—with the added bonus that most of these items can be found in your closet or around your house. And, if you haven’t yet, check out the trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life to get you in the spirit.


Tie-Dye Shirt + Jean Shorts + Long Coat = Lorelai

Photo by Robert Voets/Netflix

Who can forget Lorelai’s infamous outfit on Rory’s first day of Chilton? She overslept (darn that fuzzy alarm clock) and she had no clean clothes, so she was forced to pull together an outfit that included a t-shirt, cutoff shorts, cowboy boots, and a coat to hide it all (until she was outed by Emily in Headmaster Charleston’s office).

Other option: A wrap dress, boots, and a cup of coffee (basically Lorelai’s work uniform)


Plaid Skirt + Blue Blazer + Yellow Backpack = Rory

Rory’s Chilton uniform is a classic, maybe because she wore it in basically every episode for three seasons (and that one episode in the fifth season for Finn’s Quentin Tarantino-themed birthday party). Pair it with saddle shoes and a large book.

Other option: Overalls, t-shirt, and a fuzzy pink hammer (like when she was building houses for Habitat for Humanity in season 2).


Flannel shirt + Backward Blue Baseball Cap + Jeans = Luke

Luke had a closet full of flannel shirts and always wore the blue baseball cap Lorelai gave him (except when he switched to a black one when they broke up in season 7). Complete the outfit with a restaurant guest receipt pad and pen, or a dishtowel hung over your shoulder.

Other option: There is no other option.


Sweater Set + Pearls + Sensible Pumps = Emily

Emily Gilmore had as many sweater sets and skirt suits as Luke had a plethora of flannel shirts. That might change in the revival, since the trailer shows Emily wearing jeans (gasp!), but if you want to go classic Emily, choose this and arm yourself with some sarcastic and condescending comebacks (a la "You brought us used dessert?").

Other option: Instead of a skirt, might we suggest slacks?


Black Leather Jacket + Gray Hoodie + A Book = Jess

Jess’s signature look was a leather jacket with a gray hoodie underneath. And of course, he never left the house without a book tucked into his back pocket—if you want to go the extra mile, write some notes in the margins.

Other option: Long sleeve T-shirt and blue vest—another casual “Jess” look.


Chef’s Jacket + Bandana + Spatula = Sookie

Sookie was always in the Independence Inn (and later Dragonfly Inn) kitchen whipping up some amazing culinary creations. Of course, her signature outfit was a chef’s jacket (and not a plain white one but in different colors and patterns), complete with a bandana and pigtails. Carry around a spatula, mixing bowl, or even a piping bag (since she made too many cakes to count during the series’ seven seasons). For an extra level of commitment, you can rip the back of your jacket and enact some lively charades to explain what happened.

Other option: Wrap a big plaid blanket around your shoulders and hold a huge margarita glass to channel Sookie in the episode, A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving. Once you're a few drinks in, share nonsensical feelings about deep fried turkeys.


Sweater Vest + Button Down Shirt + Job Application = Kirk

Kirk had many weird costumes throughout the series (hot dog, colonial woman, Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof, to name a few), but his everyday outfit was pretty tame. Come equipped with plenty of ideas for the next big app or business venture to bug your friends.

Other option: Go crazy and wear a pullover sweater instead of a vest.


Band Tee + Black Frame Glasses + Purple Wig = Lane

Lane always had her signature black frame glasses, except when she tried contacts in season 5 because she thought she looked like a “Korean Buddy Holly” in band photos. And who can forget when Lane dyed her hair purple, only to dye it back again after a momentary freak-out. Accessorize the costume with drum sticks and your ready to play a Hep Alien gig.

Other option: If you don’t have a band tee, Lane was often sporting patterned sweaters or jean jackets, too.


Oversized Shawl + Funky Jewelry + Fake Cigarette Holder = Miss Patty

Along with Babette, Miss Patty was the definition of town eccentric. She dressed dramatically, too, with amazing patterned and textured shawls or pashminas. Just go around asking people to “Try a plum.”

Other option: Instead of a shawl, you can try wearing a caftan.