Better prep your costume contest acceptance speech!

Whether Halloween means heading to a friend’s party or taking the kids out trick-or-treating, these funny Halloween costumes for both kids and adults are sure to win compliments—not to mention at least a few chuckles. Kids will get a kick out of a costume covered in green slime or they will enjoy turning into a banana split topped with ice cream scoops. Grown-ups will win the best-dressed award with a devilish “mailer daemon” costume that wanders the party returning rejected mail, while linguists will love dressing as a grammar cop and issuing citations to the worst offenders. Whichever costume you choose, don’t be afraid to get into character. The best part is that each of these ideas can be created from materials you likely already own, plus a few basic supplies from the craft supply store or dollar store. An inexpensive laundry bag becomes a magic cape, while a pink tablecloth transforms into a set of butterfly wings. Crafted from things collected around the house, these costumes cut costs, yet still deliver big laughs.

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