It’s a tradition on her talk show.

By Sarah Yang
Updated October 31, 2017
Ellen DeGeneres
Credit: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Any fan of The Ellen DeGeneres Show knows that the talk show host loves to scare her guests—she has a habit of having members of her staff pop out and spook her guests in the middle of interviews. One time-honored Halloween tradition on her show is when she sends her executive producer Andy Lassner and a guest to a haunted house (previous guests include Modern Family’s Eric Stonestreet and singer Ariana Grande).

This year, Ellen sent Andy to an American Horror Story-themed haunted house with the horror series’ star Sarah Paulson for Ellen's Show Me More Show on YouTube. The usual hijinks ensue, with the duo screaming their way through the attraction, and Paulson lying on the ground multiple times after getting scared. At the end Andy says, “I’m not going to say it gets to be more fun every year, Ellen… I’m not happy with you.” And Sarah decides to disown Ellen by claiming she doesn’t know her, and saying to the camera (and Ellen), “I’m coming for you.”

This year included another twist to the Halloween tradition, too: Ellen sent Andy to second haunted house—and this time she tagged along. The pair goes through an IT-themed attraction, with Ellen scaring Andy before and after they go inside. Ellen makes jokes and laughs throughout the whole walk-through, while Andy is his usual scared self.

Watch the videos above to get in the Halloween spirit—and maybe psych yourself up to go into a haunted house today.