Easy Halloween Costumes and Treats

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Tricks and Treats

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Clever Costumes

6 Couples Halloween Costumes

Heading to a costume party this Halloween? Sure, you and your significant other could come up with your own costume—or you could put your heads together and think of a get-up that requires two people. And, let’s be honest: It’s always more fun (and a little less embarrassing) to dress up with someone else by your side. Worried your partner or friend won’t be on board with the costume you choose? These super-creative DIY ensembles are some of the funniest costumes for couples and are anything but cheesy. Some are easier to put together than others. All the stick figure costume requires is white clothes (we encourage you to pull something from your own closets) and black electrical or duct tape (really any color will do in a pinch, though). Most of the costumes fall somewhere in the middle of the difficulty scale, since they’re simple enough to execute but require a few craft supplies. (You’ll need an array of felt to make the Mr. and Mrs. Potato costumes, for example.) The only slightly more complicated costume is the French chef and the croquembouche, but the payoff is well worth the effort. All of your friends will be talking about how awesome—and original—your costume idea is.

9 Creative Halloween Costumes You Can Throw Together With Stuff That’s Already In Your Closet

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