And it’s completely no-sew.

Kate Lacey; Styling: Kristine Trevino

What better way to dress up your little pumpkin than in a costume that looks like it was pulled right from the pumpkin patch? Using a cozy sweater as the base and filling it with soft stuffing means this costume will keep your little one comfy. Start with a store-bought sweater in your child’s size so you won’t have to break out the sewing machine, and glue on the felt so you won’t need to make a single stitch. Infants who are used to wearing headbands won’t mind the adorable leaf headpiece, but the pipe cleaners and felt leaves could also be glued onto a soft hat. If you’re taking your child trick-or-treating, a pumpkin candy pail is a must-have accessory, while orange leggings and socks will keep her warm. Be sure to snap lots of photos of your cute pumpkin—she’ll turn back into a baby long before midnight.

How to Make an Easy Pumpkin Costume

What You’ll Need:

  • Orange sweater
  • Orange, black, and green felt
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • 2 green pipe cleaners
  • Green headband

Follow These Steps:

  1. Trace the shape of the sweater onto the orange felt twice and cut out.
  2. Turn the sweater inside out. Glue the edges of one piece of felt to the inside of the sweater, leaving a gap to stuff with the fiber fill. Stuff the sweater, then glue the felt shut. Repeat with the second piece of felt on the other side of the sweater. Let the sweater dry completely before turning it right-side out.
  3. Cut black felt for the eyes, nose, and mouth of the jack-o’-lantern, then glue the pieces to the front of the sweater.
  4. Cut two pipe cleaners in half and wrap one end of each piece around the center of the headband so that they stick straight up. Cut two leaf shapes out of green felt and glue them onto the headband.