It's not all about your front porch—make your windows stand out with these spooky window decorations. 

Dressing up your home for Halloween adds to the fun of the holiday, but after creating a costume and buying candy, decking out the entire house can feel like a terrifying amount of work. To get the maximum effect for minimal effort, create a few easy Halloween window decorations that will greet trick-or-treaters as they walk up to your front door. Visitors will smile when they see a silly monster peeking out the window, or they might stop in their tracks when they spot a spider crawling up the curtains. With each of these projects crafted from inexpensive supplies—such as poster board, contact paper, or an old sheet—you won’t have to spend a lot to get your home ready for All Hallows’ Eve. Let these projects inspire you, but don’t be afraid to go ahead and get creative. Create a family of multi-colored ghosts, or have your kids draw their own monsters to adorn the windows in their rooms. All of these ideas are so easy to create, they make great last-minute decor ideas for when October 31 pops up sooner than you expect.

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