7 Fun DIY Halloween Candy Bowls

Serve up Halloween treats with these easy-to-make bowls.

Crafts developed by Morgan Levine



Photo by Philip Friedman

What You’ll Need:
Green bowl
Two wine corks
Silver paint
White paint
Black permanent marker
Craft knife
Magna Tac glue

1. Use a craft knife to cut the wine corks so they can placed on the bowl horizontally. Paint the corks silver, let dry, and then glue to the sides of the bowl.
2. Draw circles for the eyes with white paint pen and pupils with black permanent marker.
3. Create “hair,” “stitches,” and the “mouth” with black marker.



Photo by Philip Friedman

What You’ll Need:
White bowl
Black cardstock
Black wire
3- or 4-inch diameter foam disk
Magna Tac glue

1. Cut out different sizes of bat shapes from black cardstock. The number of bat shapes needed depends on the size of your bowl and how much of the bowl you want to cover.
2. Fold the bat shapes so they look more three-dimensional. Glue the shapes around the exterior of the bowl, setting a few aside for the "floating" bats.
3. Glue the foam disk to the center of the interior base of the bowl. You might have to trim it depending on the size of the base.
4. Trim four 6- to 10-inch strips of black wire. Attach the remaining bats to the top of the wire with glue. Insert the wires into the foam so it looks like the bats are flying over the bowl.


Skeleton Hand

Photo by Philip Friedman

What You’ll Need:
Fake skeleton hand
Clear plastic trifle bowl
E6000 glue

1. Glue the hand to the stem of the trifle bowl using E6000 glue. Secure the hand in place with masking tape while the glue dries.



Photo by Philip Friedman

What You’ll Need:
White bowl
4 Black and orange crayons
Stove lighter

1. Peel the labels off the crayons.
2. Turn the bowl upside down and place on wax paper to keep your workspace tidy. Hold the end of the crayon with pliers and use the stove lighter to melt the wax so it drips over the bowl in vertical strips.



Photo by Philip Friedman

What You’ll Need:
White bowl
2 Large googly eyes
Rolled gauze
Magna Tac glue

1. Glue the googly eyes to the bowl.
2. Wrap gauze around bowl—leaving space for the eyes—and secure with glue.



Photo by Philip Friedman

What You’ll Need:
Black bowl
Black felt
White felt
10 gauge armature wire
Magna Tac glue
Wire cutters

1. Cut eight ½-inch wide strips of black felt. With scissors, create fringe along the edges of each strip.
2. Use wire cutters to cut eight 6-inch long pieces of the armature wire.
3. Wrap each wire with a piece of fringed felt and secure with glue. Bend the wire into spider leg shapes. Glue the legs to the sides of the bowl.
4. Create eyes out of black and white felt and glue to the front of the bowl.


Candy Corn

Photo by Philip Friedman

What You’ll Need:
White bowl
Yellow Liquitex Glossies paint
Orange Liquitex Glossies paint
Painter’s tape
Rubber band
Primer spray paint

1. Spray the exterior of the bowl with white primer and let dry.
2. Tape a top strip of the bowl and a bottom strip of the bowl with the painter’s tape. Paint the middle layer of the bowl yellow and let it dry completely. To create cleaner lines on the bowl, you can also wrap a rubber band around the edge of the tape strips.
3. Remove the tape from the bowl and paint the top layer orange.