Both kids and adults will find these items eerily charming.

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Halloween doesn’t have to be a scary, gory affair—especially when you have kids in the house or are expecting young houseguests at your party. You don’t want to scare anyone off with a fake bloody hand, menacing skeleton, or frightening swarm of bats and spiders. You can still create a festive mood with some cute Halloween decorations on display. Whether you’re setting a spooky dinner table, adding some extra decor to the candy or snacks buffet, or even decorating a corner in your living room, these adorable finds will add some extra flair to your gathering. A lot of these items are given a kid-friendly twist, like spiders that double as fake French macarons and cheerful paper plates featuring normally-scary characters like a witch or black cat. Don’t forget to dress up your outdoor space to welcome any trick-or-treaters, too—hang a wreath or put out a friendly-looking doormat.

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