Cute Halloween Decorations That Are Frightfully Fun

Both kids and adults will find these items eerily charming.

Halloween doesn’t have to be a scary, gory affair—especially when you have kids in the house or are expecting young houseguests at your party. You don’t want to scare anyone off with a fake bloody hand, menacing skeleton, or frightening swarm of bats and spiders. You can still create a festive mood with some cute Halloween decorations on display. Whether you’re setting a spooky dinner table, adding some extra decor to the candy or snacks buffet, or even decorating a corner in your living room, these adorable finds will add some extra flair to your gathering. A lot of these items are given a kid-friendly twist, like spiders that double as fake French macarons and cheerful paper plates featuring normally-scary characters like a witch or black cat. Don’t forget to dress up your outdoor space to welcome any trick-or-treaters, too—hang a wreath or put out a friendly-looking doormat.


Cat Wreath

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No one who crosses paths with this cat wreath will think they’ll get bad luck. Made of out of vines and topped off with a big cheerful orange bow, this wreath is more inviting than menacing. Hang this one on your front door so the trick-or-treaters know that your house is welcoming (and has candy!).

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Burlap Stacked Pumpkin, Ghost, and Owl

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At over six feet tall, this stacked piece lights up to charm guests, rather than scare them away. It features three classic (and friendly-looking) Halloween characters: pumpkins, a ghost, and an owl. Place the light-up accent right next to your front door or keep it inside in a corner of the room—either way, it will be sure to catch some eyes.

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Halloween Owl and Moon Doormat

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The design on this doormat has all the makings of a spooky scene: the tree with gnarly branches, a full moon, eerie darkness, and an owl. But there’s something about the owl’s eyes that are more silly than scary—they remind us of googly eyes found on kids’ toys and crafts.

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Boo Banner

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What can be a spooky phrase, “Boo,” gets a cheerful spin. From the light purple color scheme to the ghosts with funny-looking eyes, this banner will welcome guests when hung over a mantel or on the wall above or on the front of the snacks table.

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Treat Bowl

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Use this pumpkin bowl when you’re passing out candies to trick-or-treaters—it comes with a metal handle that makes it easy to hold at the door. Or, place the bowl on the coffee table or buffet station at the party to let guests help themselves to sweet treats or salty snacks.

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Macaron Spiders

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From far away, these may look like the ever-popular delicious French macarons, but upon closer inspection, you’ll see each one has eight glittery legs and a pair of googly eyes. Place them on a serving dish to trick guests and give them a good laugh. The set even comes packaged in what looks like a candy box.

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Halloween Door Hanging

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Hang this cheerful banner on your front door to welcome guests and trick-or-treaters. Since it’s made of felt, it’s best if you have a covered porch or awning. If you can’t display it outdoors, put it on a wall inside to set the scene for a whimsical Halloween party.

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Halloween Character Plates

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Skip the boring, plain white paper plates and serve up spooky snacks and treats to the kids on these colorful designs. With these, you won’t have to do that much table decorating. The set of eight plates features four different characters—including a cat, witch, and pumpkin—and is topped with foil.

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Boo Pillow

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Once October 1st rolls around, switch out your regular decorative throw pillows for some spooky-inspired ones. This one has a graphic geometric pattern which makes it sophisticated enough for any kind of space. It’s machine washable, too, so don’t worry about any spills or sticky messes during the party.

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