Halloween Cupcake Recipes

Whether you’re serving them to adults or bringing them to the kids’ class parties, cupcakes are one of the easiest (and most well-loved) Halloween desserts. To make the baking process fun for everyone involved, set up a DIY baking bar complete with the fixings to make multiple flavors (chocolate! Red velvet!). Once the cupcakes have baked and come to room temperature, swap out the flour and sugar for bowls of colorful frosting, as well as everything you need to create spooky and festive decorations. There’s no shortage of creative Halloween cupcake ideas, from glittery pumpkins and cute black cats to toothy skulls and sour candy mummies. Kids will love decorating their own personal batch, then tasting one another’s and setting them out for all to admire. Too busy sewing costumes to bake a batch of cupcakes from scratch? Fear not—we also have 8 creative toppers (easy enough for novice bakers) that will pair perfectly with store-bought cupcakes.

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