New info from Google Trends also predicts the top baby costumes and dog costumes, so the whole family is covered.

By Lauren Phillips
October 08, 2019
Getty Images

Sometimes, picking a costume—especially one of those popular Halloween costumes—for the spookiest night of the year is easy. Sometimes, it’s not, and you end up with one of those last-minute Halloween costumes as a fail-safe. (No one will know it’s last-minute, trust us.) Add in the struggle of picking out a couples Halloween costume (or even a baby or dog Halloween costume) and you could spend all October agonizing over options.

Fortunately, some top Halloween costumes rise above the rest each October. Various shopping sites, inspiration sources, and more have predictions based on search data of what costumes will be trending, and Google is no different. Through Frightgeist, a Halloween trends website powered by Google Trends, the search site has put together a list of the most-searched-for couples costumes, dog costumes, and more based on September 2019 search data. It also highlighted costume ideas that are getting a lot of interest as we get closer to October 31.

Whether you’re planning a couples Halloween costume or trying to figure out how to dress your dog up, these ideas highlight popular ideas—just be warned that your four-legged friend probably won’t be the only one dressed as Pennywise this Halloween. Picking a popular or trendy costume means you’re likely to see plenty of other people with the same idea, but sometimes, finding an accidental costume twin only makes the evening more fun.

Read on for top Halloween costume ideas for 2019 from Google Trends, and pick yours early so you can sit back and watch all the great Halloween movies on Netflix for the rest of the month. You’ll have plenty of time to memorize Halloween quotes and Halloween puns, too, so when the big event arrives, your wordplay will be just as impressive as your get-up.

Top couples Halloween costumes

According to the Google Trends data, the most-searched couples costumes in September 2019—which are likely to become the top paired looks of the holiday—are Lilo and Stitch, Bonnie and Clyde, Cosmo and Wanda, Adam and Eve, and Cheech and Chong. Other notable trending options include Jasmine and Aladdin and Woody and Jessie, proving that older costume ideas get new life with the release of remakes or sequels.

Trending baby Halloween costumes

Babies don’t get much of a say in their Halloween garb, but they can still look absolutely adorable. According to Google Trends data on the ideas with big spikes in interest over the last month—which captures what’s likely to be trending, instead of what’s most popular—you can expect to see little ones dressed as bananas, dalmatians, and Pennywise the Clown (from IT) this year. Other trendy ideas include lobsters, old ladies, deer, Starbucks cups, and pumpkins.

Top dog Halloween costumes

Dogs may not be able to collect candy for you, but they still make great trick-or-treating companions. This year, the most-searched costumes for dogs are Chucky (the sadistic doll), Ewoks (of Star Wars fame), spiders, Pennywise (you could dress your dog and your baby alike!), and dinosaurs. Before you commit to a dog costume, just remember that elaborate costumes can cause anxiety in some dogs, so base your costume choice on what sorts of clothing items your dog is already comfortable wearing.

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Popular group Halloween costumes

If Halloween festivities involve the whole gang, group costumes have you covered—and give everyone a chance to dress up. This year, oft-searched-for inspo includes The Descendants (of the Disney Channel movies), Fortnight (the game), Stranger Things, and Toy Story. Decades past are also popular sources of inspiration—1980s- and 1990s-inspired costumes both made the list.

Trendiest costumes

You may not see many of these costumes, but their popularity is on the rise, according to the Google Trends data. If you see one person (or many people) dressed up as one of these, you’ll at least know what it is, even if you’re sticking to a more conventional costume idea. Searches for White Claw Halloween costume are up more than 1,450 percent; for “fat Thor costume” (after Avengers: Endgame) they’ve grown by 4,600 percent. Forky from Toy Story and Marshmello (the musical artist) are also trending this year.