Halloween Cocktail Recipes

Grown-ups, take heart: just because you’re a little too old to go trick or treating doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate Halloween in style—and there’s no better way to do it than with some spooky (and spirited!) Halloween cocktails. (Bonus: Halloween drinks may also come in handy for soothing your nerves during last-minute costume repairs!) Whether you tend to prefer the malty creaminess of a dark beer or the kick of a devilishly spicy margarita, we’ve rounded up a roster of simple and festive Halloween cocktail recipes to please every taste. Taking a break from the hard stuff? With a pumpkin-colored ginger and peach cooler or a blood-red cherry manhattan mocktail in your hand, you needn’t miss out on the party. If you’re serving a crowd, there’s no better occasion to break out the punch bowl and whip up a batch of Vampire punch or stir up some eye-catching big batch cocktails.

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