Halloween Cake Recipes

There’s nothing wrong with candy bars and creepy-crawly gummies, but our Halloween cakes and cupcakes will help you pull out all of the stops this October—whether you’re entertaining friends or taking a treat to the kids at school. Unlike some trendy Halloween cake ideas out there, you can rest assured that ours are always foolproof and delicious—and never overly complicated. (We promise: you won’t have to buy any fancy cake molds that’ll clog your cabinet space the rest of the year, or hunt down hard-to-find ingredients from cake decorating stores.) For example, our vanilla mango ice cream cake is made from just four ingredients (though you’d never guess, from looking at the graphic, color-blocked dessert). Interested in a simple spiderweb cake? Simply prep any cake of your choice as the base, and then use our instructions to get through the frosting and decorating process without stress or mess. Browse our cupcake collection for even more inspiration.

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