Halloween Cake Recipes

There’s nothing wrong with candy bars and creepy-crawly gummies, but our Halloween cakes and cupcakes will help you pull out all of the stops this October—whether you’re entertaining friends or taking a treat to the kids at school. Unlike some trendy Halloween cake ideas out there, you can rest assured that ours are always foolproof and delicious—and never overly complicated. (We promise: you won’t have to buy any fancy cake molds that’ll clog your cabinet space the rest of the year, or hunt down hard-to-find ingredients from cake decorating stores.) For example, our vanilla mango ice cream cake is made from just four ingredients (though you’d never guess, from looking at the graphic, color-blocked dessert). Interested in a simple spiderweb cake? Simply prep any cake of your choice as the base, and then use our instructions to get through the frosting and decorating process without stress or mess. Browse our cupcake collection for even more inspiration.

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Pumpkin Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting

These individual pumpkin cakes have been a fall standby long before Pumpkin Spice Lattes came on the scene. Indeed, our cupcakes are deliciously moist, bursting with pumpkin flavor, and topped with a creamy icing that’s decadent but not too sweet. Not to mention, we devised a shortcut that makes whipping up these pumpkin cupcakes for a Halloween party or autumn potluck so much simpler: We start with a box of yellow cake mix to eliminate lots of measuring and mixing. The quick batter comes together with pumpkin puree (rather than the water typically called for on the box), for a dense, satisfying cupcake.

Vanilla Mango Ice Cream Cake

This mango ice cream cake hits all the right notes. Layers of mango sorbet sandwich bits of crushed chocolate wafer cookies and a midsection of vanilla ice cream, so nearly every bite contains exotic fruit, chocolate, and vanilla. Keep in mind that this cake requires at least two hours to refreeze, but you can make it up to two days ahead and keep the dessert in the freezer. You’ll soften sorbet and ice cream for each layer separately before putting the pan back in the freezer to firm up after each step. So, while the three hours, in total, might seem like a commitment, this light, cold treat isn’t difficult to “make” yourself.

Fraidycat Cupcake

These cute cat cupcakes will have feline aficionados and dog folks purring with excitement. Seriously, look at that face! Begin with your favorite cupcake recipe—chocolate or vanilla—and your favorite icing. Buttercream works well, because the fairly wet consistency helps the sprinkles cling. Dip iced cupcake into a bowl of chocolate sprinkles for the fur. Add two sliced peppermint pattie wedges for the ears. Next up? M&Ms form the eyes and mouth, and trimmed black licorice creates those adorable twitchy whiskers. Delight youngsters with these treats, or get their help decorating to teach them that, yep, cooking and baking really can be fun.

Kit Kat-Filled Angel Food Cake

Yep, you read that right: Kit Kat cake. This dessert takes two favorites to create a semi-homemade mash-up that’s ready in 15 minutes flat. The secret? We started with a store-bought (or pre-made, if you go that route) 9-ounce angel food cake. Simply slice the finished, cooled cake in half horizontally and create a small hollowed-out area in the middle, which you’ll spread with a filling of chopped Kit Kat bars and homemade whipped cream. Replace the top layer of cake, dust it with cocoa powder, and you’re ready to slice and serve. Save this recipe for anytime you need an impressive (but easy) cake.

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