Halloween Appetizer Recipes

Throwing a Halloween-themed party? The holiday doesn’t have to be all about the candy and desserts. This year, try kicking off your festivities with some of our easy and tasty Halloween appetizers. Our archives are full options that go way beyond the usual sweet treats, like bite-size “skull” cucumber pickles marinated in vinegar, chiles, and sugar. Or grab a cat-shaped cookie cutter and try our crispy pita crackers, which are baked with Parmesan and paprika. Besides the spooky shapes, we’ve got plenty of Halloween appetizer recipes that focus on festive colors—like bright-orange spicy deviled eggs packed with pimientos, sharp orange cheddar, and cayenne. And don’t forget to store away a stash of seasonal nibbles, from candied nuts and to spiced pumpkin seeds. If you’ve combed through all of our Halloween appetizer recipes and can’t decide which one to make, choose a few—because there’s nothing scarier than hungry dinner party guests.

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