Hint: Pick a costume that has an umbrella built right in. 

By Katie Holdefehr
October 31, 2019
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While we all hope for a sunny (OK, or maybe slightly cloudy) weather forecast on Halloween, for 2019, we're expecting rain all along the East Coast, and even some snow in parts of the Midwest. In fact, some towns are even doing the unspeakable and postponing trick-or-treating until the weather clears up (with the safety of the kids in mind, of course). If the festivities haven't been rescheduled in your area but there's still rain in the forecast, don't let it put a damper on the day—here are some brilliant Halloween costumes for the rain that have umbrellas, hats, and other rain gear built right in. Decked out in one of these rain-ready costumes, you and your kids are sure to stay dry—and don't worry, you definitely won't melt. 

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Mary Poppins (Don't Forget Your Magic Umbrella!)

When you take the kids out trick-or-treating, dressing up as this famous nanny not only helps you play the part, but it even comes with its own magical umbrella. If you don't want to order for rush delivery, you can also assemble your own costume using a coat, hat, oversized bag, and umbrella. Better start practicing your British accent! 

To buy: From $44, amazon.com


Jellyfish Costume

This jellyfish costume is not only adorable, but with a built-in hat and durable streamers, it will last through a rainy evening as well. If you don't have time to order one, make your own by attaching waterproof streamers (skip the paper ones that will wilt in the rain) onto a transparent umbrella. 

To buy: $48, amazon.com


Party City

"Raining Cats and Dogs" or "Raining Men"

For a kid-friendly costume where the umbrella isn't an afterthought, buy or DIY a "raining cats and dogs" costume by suspending cats and dog (small stuffed animals work!) from an umbrella. 

For a grownup version: try an "it's raining men" rendition by printing out photos of your favorite male celebrities and attaching them to an umbrella. 

To buy: $14, partycity.com

Party City

Young Indiana Jones and His Father, Henry Walton Jones, Sr.

Dress your little one up as a young Indiana Jones (a hat, whip, and some drawn-on scruff will do the trick). Then, dress up as the adventurer's professor father, Henry Jones, Sr. Channel his look in the "Flushing the Birds at the Beach" scene by wearing a white button-up shirt, a bow tie, hat—and don't forget to carry an umbrella to scare the birds away with (or shield young Indiana Jones from the rain showers). 

To buy: $17, partycity.com


Morton Salt Girl Costume

If you're struggling to find a last-minute costume for this rainy day, just grab the Morton salt from your pantry and let the brand's iconic Morton Salt Girl be your guide. Don a yellow dress, grab an oversized umbrella, and hold the salt container under your arm to drive the message home. (Bonus points for wearing a short blonde wig.) 

To buy: $1, instacart.com