6 Great Father's Day Activities and Games the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Looking for new ways to celebrate dad’s big day? These fun activities and games will have you ready for June 20.

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Father's Day activities and games - things to do on Father's Day (father and child)
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It's Father's Day: The sun is (hopefully) shining and your family is together, though possibly still socially distanced. Even with everything happening around the world, Father's Day is still a day for celebrating Dad, and it's time to come up with a plan beyond exchanging Father's Day gifts and Father's Day quotes. Plan some great Father's Day activities or games for the whole family now, and you won't be scrambling for things to do on Father's Day when it finally rolls around on June 20.

A twist on the everyday picnic, backyard DIY games, or a baseball-themed outing are just a couple of the activities that will bring plenty of family fun to Father's Day. And if June gloom (or social distancing restrictions) creep in, there are countless indoor and at-home ideas, too. Plan it right, and the day's activities can be as much of a present for your dad, grandfather, or husband as the best gifts for Dad you pull together. Rain or shine, these Father's Day activities will give you plenty to do on the holiday.

Water Balloon Baseball

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"This is one of my favorite backyard activities. Take water balloons, fill them up and underhand toss them to your family member. It's lots of fun and messy," says Len Saunders, exercise physiologist and author of Buddy and Bea. To make it a competition, tally up each hit to see who can get the most.

Father's Day Tasting

"What's dad's favorite drink or food? Create a bar or tasting for him. We made a whiskey tasting table that we created with each liquor numbered on kraft paper so Dad can make notes of his favorites. Do the same with a taco or breakfast bar and label all the items you are serving." —Seri Kertzner, founder and co-owner of Little Miss Party.

Family Picnic

Lay down a blanket and put together the family's favorite snacks to enjoy some fun in the sun this Father's Day. For an added treat, bring personalized desserts for Dad. "I love letter-shaped donuts!" says Jacquelyn Kazas, co-owner of Beijos Events. Close to the water? Kazas suggests taking your picnic beachside with a family paddleboard outing to follow.

Daddy Relay Race

"Lay out a pair of Dad's pants, shirt, socks, and shoes. On 'go' your child runs up to the pile of clothing. When they get to the clothes, they must put on every article of clothing including the shoes. Once all of Dad's clothes are on, the child has to carefully run back to the starting line. Do it for fun or just time each kid to see who does it the fastest." —Len Saunders

Photo Letters

"This is our favorite family craft because we have so many photos and love nothing more than sorting through them," Kertzner says. "Pull out a box of old photos or print new shots from your computer or phone and have the kids choose their favorites. At your local craft store pick up cardboard letters that spell 'DAD' or Dad's name or initials. You'll need Mod Podge and paint brushes too. Take the photos and paint over them with the glue, directly onto the cardboard letters, till the letters are full of photos. Dad can hang his letter memories on the wall or stand them up on his office desk."

Try to plan ahead for this Father's Day activity if your craft supplies aren't well stocked. Order supplies with plenty of time to spare for shipping delays, or make a scavenger hunt out of it and have everyone run around the house searching for DIY alternatives.

Baseball Outing

For some good old fashioned fun, one of the co-owners of Beijos Events took their family to the local ballpark for a day of tailgating and cheering on their favorite baseball team. Drinks, cheese puffs, chips and salsa, and plenty of game day gear made for a fun outing for the entire family.

It's likely that many sports events and venues are canceled or closed this year out of coronavirus concerns. Make your own at-home baseball event by setting up a family game in the yard or pulling up a recording of an old favorite game and stocking all the beers, snacks, and treats you'd enjoy at the ballpark.

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