Easter Crafts

Easter is one of the most DIY-friendly holidays of the year, whether you're looking for a fresh way to adorn your Easter eggs, a fresh spring wreath, or a pretty woven Easter basket. Try some of these unique ideas to help you get your craft on this Easter.

DIY Easter Egg Fun

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If you're tired of peeling away half the white with your shell—or of icky green-ish yolks—try our tips for a perfectly boiled egg every time.
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Shake things up this spring with a few creative games that'll keep kids (and adults!) entertained this Easter.

Easy Easter Crafts

7 Gorgeous DIY Centerpieces for Your Easter Table
Whether it's tucking eggs into floral arrangements, or making your own beautiful blooms from coffee filters, you'll find some cool (and unexpected) ways to dress up your table.
DIY Easter Party Favors
Make your own candy-filled Easter crackers to dress up your dinner table.