12 Easter Games for Kids and Adults That Aren't Your Average Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are classic, but here's a roundup of even more creative family Easter game ideas, some for kids and some for adults, that'll take your typical hunt up a notch.

Easter egg hunts have become synonymous with the Easter holiday, but there's no rule saying you can't stray from tradition and celebrate with other fun, family Easter games instead. Looking for game ideas the whole family can enjoy together? There's always "guess the number of jelly beans" or an epic Easter egg scavenger hunt. Or if you need Easter-themed activities for the adults in your group, we've got that covered, too (Easter alcohol hunt, anyone?) Let these festive Easter game ideas inspire new egg-hunt variations and family traditions at this year's party.

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Great for Young Kids: Golden Egg "Hot Potato"

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Think "Hot Potato"—but make it Easter. Put a timely twist on a favorite, play-anywhere kid's game by passing around a golden egg, suggests Joy Cho, founder of Oh Joy!. Whoever starts passing gets to choose a short song to sing while the egg continues getting passed around. Once the song is over, the person holding the golden egg has to do a silly dance. "That way, no one is 'out' and everyone gets to laugh and play through the entire game," Cho says. Of course, you can make the stakes a bit higher and have the last person holding the egg when the song ends be "out" (make sure to play to your crowd).

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Great for Young Kids: Pin the Bunny Tail

Make this Easter spin on a birthday party classic customizable by enlarging a photo of your child or another family member, suggests Jacqueline Kazas, co-owner of Beijos Events. Then have guests take a shot at pinning the tail (you can use cotton balls or make your own print outs) on the right spot.

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Great for Kids: Bunny Hop

Have the kids decorate plain white pillowcases with their favorite Easter decor and designs. Once finished, line them up with their feet in the cases for a hopping race to the finish line.

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Great for Older Kids: Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Instead of a lawless hunt in the yard for plastic eggs, set up clues that encourage kids to find the eggs in a specific order. Each time an egg is uncovered, a message inside will lead to the next one, and so on until there's only one left. Make the final "egg" a prize like a small toy or candy.

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Great for Kids: Easter Egg Basketball

Fill plastic eggs with candy or coins and set them up 10 feet away from an Easter-themed shoebox or basket, which will act at the basketball net. Have each child underhand toss the egg to try to get it in the "net." If they get it in, they get to keep what's inside the egg.

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Great for Kids: Chocolate Bunny Bowling

Make your own pins out of store-bought chocolate bunnies, suggest Len Saunders, exercise physiologist and children's book author. Line up the "pins" and roll a tennis ball to see who can knock down the most. At the end, each child can take home a chocolate bunny as his or her prize.

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Great for the Whole Family: Guess the Number of Jelly Beans (or Candy Eggs)

Looking for a lengthy Easter game the whole family—adults and children—will enjoy? Have every family member bring a container full of jelly beans. Each family member guesses the number of jelly beans in each container. Once all the guesses are in, sit around and call out the numbers. Whoever is closest wins the container and candy. More family members means more opportunities to win! Grandparents and little kids alike adore this game, and families get really into it.

Similar to the guessing game with jellybeans, you can also fill just one large glass container with candy eggs and have guests estimate how many are inside. The closest number (without going over) wins a prize!

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Great for the Whole Family: Easter Egg Dares

Write fun or goofy activities on slips of paper and put them into Easter eggs (think "hop like a bunny" or "eat a Peep"). Each player takes a turn grabbing an egg and doing what the activity says.

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Great for Older Kids and Adults: Easter Egg Toss

Perfect for the energetic bunch, this game gets everyone moving. Divide into pairs and stand an equal distance apart. Each pair receives a raw egg, which is then tossed from one player to the next. Each time the egg is successfully caught, both players take a step backwards. "If the egg drops but doesn't break, consider yourself lucky," says Michelle Bachman, co-owner of Little Miss Party Planner. If the pair breaks the egg at any point, they're out of the game. The last pair standing is the winner!

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Great for Adults: Pay-to-Play Egg Hunt

Here's a genius, grown-up twist on a childhood favorite Easter game: A pay-to-play, winner-take-all Easter egg hunt. Talk about an easy set-up Easter game for adults! Whoever wants to participate pays a small fee for the pool, in hopes of finding the most Easter eggs. Everyone starts searching on "Go." When all the eggs are found or when time runs out (whatever your family decides), count them up—whoever's found the most eggs wins the pool of collected money. Cha-ching!

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Great for Adults: Mega Easter Egg Hunt

Have a large family and don't want to hide dozens of eggs? Instead, hide one jumbo egg for each adult. Fill them with tiny nips of liquor, scratch-off lottery tickets, cash, and candy. The twist is that each family member is only allowed to get the egg with their name on it, making the hunt that more epic. Even if you have a big group of 25 extended family members, it's easy to find an egg, but not so easy to find your egg. (This game works great for older kids too, just leave out the lotto tickets and spirits for anyone underage.)

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Great for Adults: Find the Alcohol

Why search for eggs if you could search for alcohol? Buy your adult family members a six-pack of beer (or whatever their favorite sip is), and hide each bottle. Give the six-pack holder (outfitted with a fun Easter decor) to each family member. The hunt goes on until they fill their holder with the six bottles. You could also hide nip-sized liquor bottles for an adult Easter hunt—talk about scoring treasure for the grown-ups.

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