Put Away Holiday Wrapping Paper With a Best-Selling Organizer Shoppers Call a 'Game Changer'

It has more than 10,800 five-star ratings on Amazon.

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wrapping paper organizer
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Christmas has come and gone, which means it's time to pack up the decor and accoutrements and put it all in storage until next year. And unfortunately, one of the most essential Christmas items is also one of the hardest things to store: wrapping paper. But you don't have to struggle with putting away (or retrieving) decorative paper if you have a gift wrap organizer, like this festive best-seller that starts at $30.

Whether you have long rolls of holiday wrapping paper or small gift wrap ribbons, the Zober Wrap Organizer can store it all without squishing. The gift wrap storage container is large enough to hold about 24 rolls up to 40 inches long, and it even has straps to secure wrapping paper in place, meaning they won't shift around when you move the box.

wrapping paper organizer

To buy: From $30; amazon.com.

While its main function is to store wrapping paper, it also lets you store other accessories, like scissors, bows, and gift toppers, thanks to a customizable divider with a Velcro adhesive, allowing you to create a smaller or larger section for them as you need. The wrapping paper storage container also has two clear plastic pockets in the lid for thinner items like gift bags and tissue paper.

Although it can hold a lot, it still has a slender and compact design that measures just 6 inches high, so it's easy to store in a closet or craft room; just zip it up and slide it away, and pull it out by the handles when you need it. Because it has a durable polyester exterior, it'll prevent moisture from getting in, not to mention dust and external debris.

It's no wonder the Amazon best-seller has earned more than 10,800 five-star ratings. In their reviews, shoppers say the Zober wrapping paper organizer "holds it all" and call it a "Christmas storage lifesaver."

"Wow. I would call this one of my best purchases!" wrote one shopper. "I had one of those long plastic containers that was so bulky and heavy. It had latches on both ends and I'd have to drag it around. This fits about 15 rolls and I still have room. It fits both long and short rolls. Wow. It's so compact and sturdy. It comes with a folding piece that goes in the bottom. This was a game-changer for me."

"I just received these today and love them already! I am super-picky, but can't think of a single thing I don't like about these," wrote another. "I got the red one for Christmas stuff and the black one is for all other occasions. They did fit my larger tubes of wrapping paper just fine, as you can see in the red one. I also have bows, gift bags, tissue paper, tags, tape, scissors, and pens in there. They seem very sturdy. I wish I'd bought these years ago!"

Start organizing your holiday gift wrap with this wrapping paper organizer that comes in five fun designs on Amazon.

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