6 Places to Buy Real Christmas Trees Online for Delivery

Get ready to add “order Christmas tree” to your holiday to-do list.

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Live Christmas trees

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In this modern age, you can order food, clothes, cleaning supplies, furniture, and anything else you can think of online—you can even buy plants online. It stands to reason that you can buy a live Christmas tree online, too.

Many retailers have begun offering options to buy real Christmas trees online that they will deliver to your door. (Some places, such as The Home Depot, have offered this for years.) Buying artificial Christmas trees online is nothing new—Amazon has thousands of options—but more options for buying live Christmas trees online can only be a good thing. Sure, you won't get to peruse the specific options and check bald patches or branch strength, but you will have an easier method of getting your tree.

Read on for different places you can buy Christmas trees online and plan your order—the sooner you get your tree, the sooner you can decorate. Next step: Figure out how many lights you need for your Christmas tree.


Walmart has sold artificial Christmas trees online and in-store for years, but now it's offering live Christmas tree delivery, too. You can go online to shop for real Christmas trees, sorting by size and type of tree, and set up a delivery time for your Christmas essential. Potted and free-standing trees are available, and they'll be delivered live and ready to be decorated.

The Home Depot

You may have bought your Christmas tree from The Home Depot's nursery section in the past, but you can also get your live tree delivered. The Home Depot offers live Christmas trees in a range of sizes and varieties for free delivery (in most cases). Fresh garlands and potted seasonal plants are also available.


Lowe's has real Christmas trees available for delivery in certain locations. You can pick your size and variety and eagerly await delivery, or order a tree for free pickup at a location near you.


For those with small spaces or small budgets, Bloomscape sells and ships small-but-graceful tabletop Norfolk Pines: These portable potted plants have the pine look you know and love and can probably hold an ornament or two, but they won't take up the whole living room—or have to be replaced year after year.

The Sill

Coming in at a foot or so tall, the wild-looking Norfolk Island Pine from The Sill is a creative (but still live) Christmas tree option. It's available in small and medium sizes and arrives in a planter, but you can choose which one you'd like—there's even a festive holiday red hue available. Order this live Christmas tree online now (shipping might take a few days), decorate it with a few ornaments or a small strand of lights for Christmas, and then let it flourish all year long until it's time to decorate it for next year.

Your Local Nursery or Christmas Tree Farm

Reach out to your local nursery or Christmas tree farm to see if they offer any delivery options. They might be willing to work with you over the phone or email to set up delivery of a live tree.

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