No room for a tree? Try any one of these easy-to-create alternatives instead.

By Real Simple
Updated December 27, 2016

1. Recycled Greetings

Use last year’s holiday cards (or this year’s as they arrive in the mail) to form the tree’s triangular body and use one vertical mailer for the stump. Create a loose arrangement on the floor first to make sure to form a shape you like. Attach them safely to your wall using a loop of painter’s tape on the back of each card. Position your arrangement above a console table and use the surface to stash and stack your gifts beneath.

2. Colored Tape

If you have extra wall space, make a 2-D version of a tree using colored washi tape. Start by creating the outline in green (a triangle with a small square at the base as the “stump”), then scatter different colored rectangles around the bottom as presents. Adorn them with washi tape “bows”. To create the garland, fold strips of tape down the length of a piece of twine and cut a V-shape from the bottom of each to form mini flags. Drape from end to end and your decoration is complete.

3. Evergreen Branches

Have extra boughs on hand (or even a garland you can cut up)? Form a minimalist fir using pushpins and/or Command hooks. Start at the top and splay the remaining branches down and outward from there. Finish off with festive decorations: ornaments, garland, and (don’t forget!) a topper.