If you need a break from the holiday madness, take a look at these hilarious pranks.

By Real Simple
Updated December 22, 2016
jclegg/Getty Images

Sure, there are plenty of ways to decorate your tree—some use traditional trimmings in the classic red and green, while others go all out with unique color palettes—but all of that might seem a bit boring once you take a look at these Christmas tree pranks.

This year, some people decided to try something a little different with their Christmas tree decorating. As originally reported by House Beautiful, one couple from Portland, Oregon, cut their 20-foot Christmas tree in half and situated the bottom half inside the house and the top half outside, so the tree would look like it was coming through the roof (see below).

This decorating prank has been around for years (one man in the UK did the same trick to a 50-foot tree in his two-story home back in 2009), but this year it seems to be really taking off—especially on Twitter and Instagram. And who can blame people for trying something new? It’s a guaranteed way to give guests and neighbors a chuckle. Take a look at more below—it might even make you rethink how you decorate for the holidays next year.