Three stunning tabletop trees fit for small spaces.

Just because you’re short on space or have a cat that thinks the branches are an invitation to climb the walls doesn’t mean you can’t have a Christmas tree this year. Instead of the traditional tall evergreen, opt for something a little different. Here, we have three tabletop versions to suit a variety of small-space décor styles and personal tastes.

The most traditional of the bunch features strands of popcorn and cranberry garland, as well as clusters of silver tinsel. The real show stoppers, though, are the multi-dimensional origami paper stars, in varying sizes, which create a beautiful warm shadow around the classic white string lights.

Those who prefer a refined color palette—silver, gold, and other neutrals—might prefer the second option. To create the elegant, deconstructed look, we put sturdy evergreen branches (anchor the branches with a green foam block covered with a thin layer of gray rock) in a gilded vessel. Once the branches were arranged to our liking, we adorned each one with clusters of ornaments, metallic (both gold and silver) pinecones, and sprinkles of tinsel.

But maybe you really hate vacuuming up all of those needles as the days go by and the tree branches dry? Skip a live tree (of any sort) altogether, and opt for a wooden one instead. Minimalists and small-apartment dwellers can appreciate the tiered balsa wood version, decked out with white and clear ornaments that have been decorated with neon accents. Clear an entryway or side table, then place this version on the surface to preserve floor space.