They’re perfect for the kids’ table.

By Real Simple
Updated November 23, 2016
Morsa Images/Getty Images

Planning a holiday dinner is stressful enough—you have to consider the invitations, the décor, the menu (plus any dietary restrictions), and more. And it only gets more complicated when kids are joining the gathering, since you might have to whip up some special kid-friendly dishes and have plenty of activities to keep them entertained during the meal.

Luckily, this year all you need to do is plan the menu, set the table for the grownups, and put out some crayons or colored pencils—we have the entertainment covered. Our free printable holiday-themed placemat will keep the children occupied before and after the meal, so the adults can enjoy their food, too. Whether you have a special table just for the kids at your holiday gathering, or everyone sits together, you can display these placemats at each child’s spot with some crayons for a fun activity. (They might even be fun to put on everyone’s seat, too, to help break the ice and let your guests de-stress).

The placemat design features Christmas trees, a present, a snowman, a Christmas sweater, and more seasonally-appropriate illustrations that the kids will love coloring. There’s also a holiday-themed word search for the older children. The best way to print this out is on 11” x 17” paper (often called Tabloid). You could also try to print it out on a thicker printer paper, which will make the placemat even sturdier.

Get the larger, printable version here.