Print these out to make wrapping even easier this season.

Figuring out and buying the perfect gift is hard enough—then you have to wrap it! Well we designed these free printable gift tags to make at least one part of your holiday prep easier. You can print them out at home on the paper of your choice and stick them on each of your wrapped gifts.

Plus, you’ve already spent all that money on presents for your family and friends this year, so these printables can save you a couple of bucks—and you’ll never run out of them since you can print off as many as you like.

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The gift tags come in three different color schemes, which means you can style and wrap your presents just the way you like: there’s classic red or green, plus a festive gold version. There are also six different designs to choose from—from the traditional holiday motifs of an ornament and a tree, to stripes and the phrase “Love Joy Peace.” Print them out on fancier paper, or use regular printer paper, then glue them to cardstock and cut them out. Voila!

Take a look at the options below and check out our unique ways to wrap a gift here.


Get the larger printable image here.


Get the larger printable image here.


Get the larger printable image here.

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