Christmas Party Ideas

Let our hosting how-tos and quick and easy recipes inspire your celebrations this season. Find clever traditions and smart sanity savers to reduce your holiday stress (and amp up the holiday cheer). Pick up party pros’ top tips for throwing your best-ever holiday bash. We have time-saving tricks for all of your party prep, plus simple, fast, and make-ahead party appetizers and snacks. Want to step up your Cookie Swap skills? Treat yourself to Real Simple’s 61-day cookie calendar, featuring a crowd-pleaser cookie recipe a day (buckeyes, snickerdoodles, and lots more) for the entire season. And because no seasonal party is complete without some Christmas cocktails, check out our recipes for Christmas alcoholic drinks, from old classic standbys to fun, modern twists (like these delicious cinnamon cocktails). You can find thoughtful gift ideas for everyone at the party, with out editor-curated gift guide, and inventive holiday party décor ideas, too.

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