And all of the decorations are iron-on!

By Real Simple
Updated December 05, 2017

Pretty embroidered appliques are all the rage right now, showing up on everything from jean jackets to pillow covers, but you don’t have to spend hours hand-stitching to get the look this holiday season. Instead, start with a no-sew felt tree skirt, then embellish with iron-on appliques. Just 10 seconds under a hot iron, and the embroidered stars will pop onto the navy blue tree skirt one by one, turning it into a starry night sky. To make the matching ornaments, align two same-size stars, adhesive sides facing, and iron them together with a loop of string sandwiched in between. Your entire tree will be decorated in less time than it would take to haul your sewing machine from storage.

What You Need

  • Felt (we used one yard to make a 24-inch tree skirt)
  • Fabric marker or chalk pencil
  • Iron-on appliques (we got ours from M&J Trimming)
  • Thin thread

Follow These Steps

  1. To get the ideal diameter for your tree skirt, measure the diameter of your tree, or the length from tip to tip of the longest bottom branches. Cut out a square piece of fabric with sides the length of the desired diameter.
  2. Fold the felt square in half twice, first horizontally, then vertically.
  3. Center a small bowl on the folded corner of the fabric and trace along the edge.
  4. Tie one end of the string to a fabric marker or chalk pencil, then starting at the pencil, measure and cut a length that’s one-half the desired diameter of the tree skirt. Holding the end of the string at the folded corner of the fabric, stretch the string taut with the pencil perpendicular to the fabric and trace an arc across the fabric. Cut out along both marked curves.
  5. Open up the tree skirt. To attach iron-on embroidered stars or other designs, place the design on the fabric with the iron-on side down. Place a thin piece of fabric on top of the applique to protect it, then iron until secure.
  6. To make ornaments: Cut a 6-inch piece of string and sandwich the ends between two iron-on stars. Iron the stars together.

    We got our adorable tree from Silvertip Tree Farm. Based in California, this family-owned tree farm ships trees across the country.