7 Fun Christmas Movies to Stream on Netflix

These films will get the entire family in the holiday spirit.


“Winter” — A Year In the Life, Gilmore Girls

Photo by Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Each installment of the Gilmore Girls revival feels more like a movie—at 90 minutes, they’re far more dramatic and plot-filled than television episodes. The first chapter, Winter, reunites fans with the cast almost 10 years later, and Stars Hollow looks like a snow globe. Seeing Lorelai’s house decked out in Christmas lights will give you major nostalgia.


Last Holiday

Photo by Paramount Pictures

This comedic drama stars Queen Latifah as a department store employee who is told that she has only a few weeks left to live. Normally conservative, careful, and introverted, she decides to spend her savings on an extravagant trip to Europe so she can celebrate what time she has left. While the premise seems dark, this film is exciting, romantic, hilarious, and chock full of Christmas spirit.



Photo by Miramax

If you believe in fate, you can’t miss this classic holiday romance. Two strangers meet while Christmas shopping in New York and, their chance meeting turns into a whirlwind love story. To test whether they are truly soul mates, they part ways, leaving it to serendipity whether they’ll meet again.



Photo by Paramount Pictures

This adaptation of Christmas Carol stars Bill Murray as Frank, a TV executive who has lost the sense of Christmas spirit. As expected, he’s visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future, who bring lessons from his childhood to try and change his mind.


Happy Christmas

Photo by Lucky Coffee Productions

Anna Kendrick and Lena Dunham star in a dramedy from director Joe Swanberg of Drinking Buddies. Kendrick plays a flighty 20-something who moves in with her brother unexpectedly during the holidays, and begins stirring up trouble in his family’s home. Complete with humor, love, and a bit of family dysfunction, this intelligent holiday movie is also about self-discovery.


Snow Day

Photo by MFF Feature Film Productions

For kids that dream of snow days all winter, this movie is the perfect family night entertainment. Elementary school students conspire to block a snowplow driver and keep their school closed in an endless string of snow days. Each character has his or her own goals to accomplish during this found time—from finding love to climbing the career ladder.


Radio City Christmas Spectacular

Photo by NBC Universal Television Distribution

The Radio City Rockettes are a New York institution—there is nothing more fascinating than watching these talented dancers move in incredible synchronicity. Now, you can avoid the Rockefeller Center crowds and watch the theater’s famous show from the comfort of your house—see the Rockettes’ famous kickline, along with heartwarming Christmas songs from Santa himself.