49 Mason Jar Gifts for Christmas and Holiday Craft Ideas

There are countless ways to fill a mason jar with love. We've got over four dozen ideas to get you started.

Mason jar filled with pearlized gum balls, decorated with a pair of paper wings to look like an angel, with a gift tag that reads "Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings"
Photo: polkadotchair.com

Mason jars have come a long way since they were first patented in 1858. The versatile, vintage-looking glass containers are just the thing for holding a special memory, lunch, tasty treat, or gift for a loved one during the holidays. Thanks to several creative bloggers and DIY experts, you can transform a jar into a fun, festive personalized holiday gift.

From delicious recipes (we've got homemade Cracker Jack, s'mores, and sugar cookie kits galore) to sweet-scented candles that will light up the room, these mason jar Christmas gift ideas will inspire you to be a crafty little elf and customize the perfect present. Check out our top picks of 49 (!) different ways to gift a mason jar for the holidays and learn how to decorate mason jars for Christmas gifts.

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S'More Mason Jar

Mason jar filled with s'mores ingredients, with a gift tag that reads "There's always room for s'more"; Graham cracker, marshmallows and chocolate on surface next to the mason jar

Nothing beats making s'mores with loved ones around an open fire. Help bring it together with these s'more mason jars from Yellow Bliss Road. With all the materials to craft the ultimate s'more, you'll be giving the perfect gift—and a sweet treat—all in one.

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Golden Pampering Mason Jar

Mason Jar Filled with Self-Care Products in Gold Colors

This golden pampering mason jar present from The Gunny Sack is ideal for the ultimate indulgence package. With bath bombs, a foot soak, a sugar scrub, chocolates, and more, this kit promotes blissful relaxation.

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Chocolate Mint Mason Jar

Mason jar filled with chocolate and mint treats for a Thin Mint Cookie inspired gift

Is your pal obsessed with Girl Scout cookies? Give the Thin Mint lover in your life this chocolate mint mason jar from The Gunny Sack. Fill it with chocolate-and mint-inspired treats and products to make an adorable themed jar.

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Homemade Coffee Liqueur Mason Jar

Two mason jars filled with homemade coffee liqueur, surrounded by coffee beans

Keep your most caffeinated friend energized with a mason jar full of homemade coffee liqueur. You can find the full recipe for this homemade Kahlua at Bell'Alimento.

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Floating Candles

Mason jar filled with a floating candle in water and decorated with red cranberries and rosemary

These beautiful DIY floating candles from Bell'Alimento will get your friends and family in the holiday spirit. And because they're so cute and easy to construct, you'll want to save a few jars for yourself!

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Cookie Cutter Set Mason Jar

mason jar filled with cookie cutters and wrapped with a sugar cookie recipe

Make the holidays even sweeter for your favorite baker (young or old!) by copying this cookie cutter set mason jar from Kristin Mamrack, creator of Yellow Bliss Road.

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Flower Pot Mason Jar

mason jar wrapped in green washi tape and a twine bow, filled with yellow flowers in water

Pick up a few poinsettias and put them in a handcrafted jar, like this washi tape mason jar vase from Yellow Bliss Road. Kristin Mamrack's easy idea will jazz up your jar for the perfect holiday bouquet.

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Santa, Reindeer, and Elf Mason Jars

Mason jar filled with tomatoes and decorated with a black belt to resemble Santa's belt

Gift loved ones with two holiday staples: icons and sugar. These Christmas mason jar gift ideas from Chelsea's Messy Apron will inspire you to craft your very own Santa, reindeer, and more.

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Santa's Sugar Cookie Jar

mason jar filled with sugar cookie ingredients, with attached sugar cookie recipe, cookie cutter, whisk, and ornament full of sprinkles

Santa just might steal this gift. Design your own Santa's sugar cookie jar, like this one from Chelsea's Messy Apron.

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Beeswax Candle Mason Jar

Vanilla Pumpkin Beeswax Candle in a mason jar, with flowers and a burlap sack in background

For a friend or relative who loves candles, try making a mason jar candle inspired by Susie Hendrickson of the Etsy shop, SuzeesCandles. Not quite ready to try your hand at candlemaking? Buy one from Susie's store instead.

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Mason Jar Wall Decor

Two mason jar vases filled with white flowers hung on wooden boards on the wall

Drawing a blank on a holiday gift? Fill someone's blank walls with hanging vases inspired by this mason jar-turned-wall decor, courtesy of Jo Torija, who runs the Etsy shop Jarful House.

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Kitchen Canisters

Mason jars in varying sizes painted blue and used as kitchen containers on counter

Perfect for a culinary-obsessed pal, these mason jar canisters add flair to any kitchen. Find this and related designs at Country Candle Designs.

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Mason Jar Cozy

Three mason jars wrapped in knitted cozies in red, green, and yellow

Are you a crocheting pro? Try making a cute mason jar cozy—or buy one or more from Cozy Handcrafts by Cat—in countless designs and colors

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Mason Jar Bottle Opener

Series of 4 Mason Jar Bottle Openers and Holders on Wooden Boards

Now, this is a crafty way to crack open a beer. Thanks to this mason jar beer bottle opener from Mason Maiden on Etsy, a very grateful loved one will undoubtedly toast to you.

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Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer

Series of Four Mason Jars Attached to a Wooden Board to Hang on the Wall and Use as a Bathroom Organizer for Holding Toothbrushes, Combs, etc.

This mason jar bathroom organizer is the ultimate gift for the beauty-tool obsessed. With a piece of wood and a few mason jars, you are just a few steps away from mimicking this rustic home decor from Tammy Sellers of Tees Transformation.

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Personalized Mason Jar Cup

Personalized Mason Jar Cup That Reads "Tiffany Bridesmaid 9.23.2007"

Customize a cup for your friend or relative, similar to this engraved mason jar glass from Everything Etched AZ. Whether you take it to an engraver or style it yourself, this gift will make anyone feel special.

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Mason Jar Bracelet

Adjustable silver bracelet with seashell charms

Proof that you can literally do anything with a mason jar: Etsy maker Bottled Up Designs uses the glass from vintage mason jar bottles to create pretty charms that adorn their adjustable bracelets.

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Burlap Mason Jar Set

Four mason jars painted white and wrapped in burlap fabric to read "HOME" as a set, each filled with white flowers

This four-piece burlap-covered set of mason jars from the Etsy shop Handcrafts By Mel sends a homespun message of warmth and love. Shop the store, or get inspired to create your own.

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Custom-Made Labeled Mason Jar

mason jar on its side with a custom red label that reads "Deck the toast with blobs of jelly (falalalala)"

Finding a custom-made mason jar gift doesn't have to be complicated. For individualized options, print out a design of your choice onto stickers and get label-happy. For more ideas (and affordable purchase options), check out Lucky You Printables on Etsy.

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Mason Jar Coaster Set

Set of Three Mason Jar Coasters That Read "Mason's Fruit Jars"

The perfect gift for anyone who loves to entertain? A mason jar coaster set, like this creation from Southern Exposures.

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Monogrammed Mason Jar

Three Monogrammed Mason Jar Plastic Cups with Lids and Straws

Clumsy friends deserve handcrafted mason jar gifts, too. Customize a plastic mason jar like those shown here by ConfettiJoy on Etsy.

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Tea Lover's Mason Jar

Mason jar filled with tea bags and decorated with polka-dotted ribbon

Nothing beats cozying up in front of the fire with a hot cup of tea. For the tea lover in your life, gift them a mason jar filled with delicious blends and tea time accessories—like this one created by Stone Gable Blog—so they can steep and sip all winter long.

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Homemade Cracker Jacks Jar

Mason jars filled with homemade Cracker Jack mix

For a gift that pops—literally!—fill a mason jar with homemade Cracker Jack from Stone Gable Blog. This treat, described as "scrumptious butter toffee popcorn," will delight everyone on your list.

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Mason Jar Herb Garden

Four mason jars converted into an herb garden, each filled with soil and planted with herbs

Plant the most wonderful gift of the season with a custom-made DIY mason jar herb garden. With guidance from the Stone Gable Blog, you can give a friend the gift of fresh herbs—at their fingertips.

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Elf Mason Jar

mason jar filled with green M&Ms candies and decorated to look like an elf with a gift tag reading "Have a holly jolly Christmas"

Chances are you have a buddy obsessed with the movie Buddy the Elf. And it's also likely that, like the sugar-happy North Pole native, this friend is an M&M fiend. Deliver them the best gift yet with this elf-inspired mason jar full of green chocolate candy from Melissa Mortenson, founder of the blog Polka Dot Chair.

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Christmas Angel Mason Jar

Mason jar filled with pearlized gum balls, decorated with a pair of paper wings to look like an angel, with a gift tag that reads "Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings"

If you think of your gift recipient as an "angel sent from heaven," it's time to get started on a project like this Christmas angel mason jar gift from Melissa Mortenson. With a pair of wings and pearlized gumballs, your gift-giving skills will take new heights with this option.

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Pot of Gold Mason Jar

mason jar full of gold coins with gift tag that reads "You are the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow"

Feeling lucky this year? Share your mood and give someone this pot of gold mason jar treat from the Polka Dot Chair, complete with an adorable free printout.

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Hot Dog Lover Gift Basket

Hot Dog Lover Gift Basket with mason jar converted into a ketchup pump dispenser, mustard and ketchup bottles, hot dog pack, and gift tag that reads "Have a dog gone good time!"

End the ketchup vs. mustard debate with this DIY hot dog stand from The Country Chic Cottage. It's a fun way to create custom condiment containers for your favorite dog-loving friend or relative.

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Gumball Mason Jar

Three mason jars filled with gum balls, with custom lid labels that read "It is a BALL having you for a teacher!"

What teacher doesn't enjoy a play on words and a fun childhood treat? Make a batch of gumball-filled mason jars inspired by this creation from Angie Holden, who runs the blog The Country Chic Cottage.

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Crafts Mason Jar

mason jar full of crafts supply—tape, wire—with gift tag that reads "loves to craft"

The craftiest person you know deserves some creative inspiration during the holiday season. With this mason jar full of craft materials from The Gunny Sack, your friend or family member will be busy until the New Year.

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Mason Jar of Kisses

Mason Jar Full of Hershey's Chocolate Hugs, Wrapped with Burlap Ribbon with Red Heart and Tied with Red and White Polka-Dotted Ribbon Bow

Hugs and kisses are important, especially during the holidays. Shower your loved ones with both with this jar full of Hershey's chocolate, as shown (and wrapped in burlap) by Melissa Riker of The Happier Homemaker blog.

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Simmering Pot Mason Jar

Mason Jar Filled with Sliced Fruit and Cinnamon Sticks, With a Fresh Apple, Orange, and Cinnamon Sticks on Surface Next to It

For the person who lives for fall, gift them the scent of the season using The Happier Homemaker's simmering pot recipe. This four-ingredient mix will keep them happy until pumpkin spice returns.

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Mason Jar Vase

Mason Jar Vase Painted in Green and White Stripes and Filled with Pink Flowers

Anchor your flower arrangement in a decorated mason jar to gift your favorite holiday host. This option, similar to the one handcrafted by KC Coake, will get everyone talking.

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Glitter Mason Jar

Mason Jars Decorated in Green and Red Glitter Paint

Bring the Christmas spirit with these glittery mason jars from KC Coake. The red-and-green glitter stripes are simple to create and instantly festive.

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Under the Sea Mason Jar

Mason Jar Painted in Shimmering Blue Paint and Covered in Fishnet, Sitting on Sand with Seashells

This beachy netting design, courtesy of Elegant Wedding Invites, is perfect for a sea-inspired mason jar gift. Fill it with saltwater taffy for a mini seaside escape.

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Maple Leaf Fall Candle Jar

mason jar painted orange with a clear maple leaf cut-out design and tealight candle inside

This maple leaf fall candle is an idea that translates well to the winter season as well. All you need is a mason jar, candle, seasonal stencil, and some paint to make this glowing DIY masterpiece.

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Snowy Mason Jar

mason jar decorated with white snowy texture and mistletoe

Celebrate winter with this snowy mason jar idea from Elegant Wedding Invites. Though designed for winter weddings, these beautiful jars are ideal for gift-giving during the holiday season.

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Apron in a Jar

mason jar with gift tag that reads "Made just for you - Happy Mother's Day" and lid label that reads "Apron in a Jar - Love, Stephanie" next to a yellow and orange apron

Evermine has cooked up a fun idea: a mason jar stuffed with an apron and recipes, perfect for the person in your life who's happiest in the kitchen.

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Manicure in a Jar

mason jar filled with nail polish and other manicure essentials, with a gift tag that reads "Here's to a trimmed & polished day! Happy Birthday!"

You can never have too many nail polish options. With this manicure in a jar set from That's What Che Said, encourage your loved one to pamper themselves.

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Circus Animal-Topped Mason Jar

three mason jars filled with popcorn and two filled with animal crackers, each lid painted either blue or green and topped with an animal (elephant, lion, etc.)

Whether you're embracing the three-ring circus that is your extended family or giving an animal-loving friend a themed snack, these DIY circus-animal-topped jars, courtesy of Evermine's blog, don't require you to jump through hoops to make.

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Snowman Mason Jar

Mason jar filled with yogurt-covered pretzels with a red ribbon tied around the lid to look like a snowman scarf and three black buttons glued to jar

This snowman mason jar may not melt—but it's still likely to disappear quickly! All you need is a piece of felt, a few buttons, and a handful of delicious yogurt-covered pretzels to recreate Melissa Mortenson's design.

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Encouraging Words Mason Jar

Mason Jar With Label That Reads "Mama said there will be days like this"

Personalize your holiday gift with this modge-podge-made mason jar from Creative Ramblings. Pick out a mason jar and a special saying, and you're more than halfway to a DIY sweet keepsake.

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Homemade Survival Kit

mason jar full of survival essentials like rope, pain medicine, bandages, money, and more

Your most outdoorsy friend will be ready for their next camping trip thanks to this homemade survival kit by DIY Thrill. Fill a mason jar with all the essentials for a portable gift of necessities your pal will love.

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Wintry Candles

two mason jar candles with white sand and red tealights, decorated with a red globe ornament

A gift no one can resist, these mini mason jars-turned-wintry candles feature a layer of "snow" and a festive ornament on the rim.

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Chili in a Jar

mason jar full of vegetarian chili ingredients, labeled "vegetarian chili"

A hearty bowl of chili combats winter blues and dropping temperatures. Gift someone with the ingredients and sides to craft the ultimate winter comfort food, as shown on the blog Creative Ramblings.

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Minibar in a Jar

mason jar full of mini bar bottles, labeled "Open Bar" on the lid

When it gets nippy out, gift a nip (or more) of your friend's favorite alcoholic beverages. This open bar mason jar idea from The Shabby Creek Cottage will make you the most popular gift-giver at any celebration.

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Mason Jar Ornament

mini mason jar full of Hershey's Chocolate Kisses with a blue and white checkered ribbon on the lid to hang as an ornament

Hang a bunch of these sweet little jars on your tree, then hand a DIY mason jar ornament to everyone who visits you during the holidays.

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Vintage Photo Mason Jar

Two Mason Jars Decorated with Vintage Photos on the Surface

Harken back to a gentler time with this vintage photo mason jar creation from professional photographer and blogger Corinne Krogh.

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Vintage Mason Jar Lamps

vintage lamp made from a mason jar

Light up your holiday season with these vintage mason jar lamps from DIY expert Redhead Can Decorate. With a full tutorial on the site, you can craft a Pinterest-worthy lamp in just a few steps.

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