Little ways to make your favorite winter treat even more special.

By Real Simple
Updated December 15, 2016

So you’ve whipped up a cup of your famous hot chocolate (if you’re still relying on the boxed variety, check out our hot chocolate upgrades) and are ready to dive right in? Wait just a minute! We’re firm believers that no mug is complete without a marshmallow topper.

Sure, you could just drop a few mini marshmallows into that piping hot cuppa, but why not bring a little more cheer to a cold, gray day? These marshmallow creations add a touch of whimsy to each glass—plus, they’re basic enough to include the kids.

If you want something truly easy, simply use mini cookie cutters to cut letters from a sheet of marshmallow. We like “XO,” but you could spell out a short name or get creative with shapes, too.

The impressive marshmallow snowflake may look challenging, but it only requires seven toothpicks, one large marshmallow, and 14 mini marshmallows. Just stick the toothpicks in the large marshmallow, and then add two minis to each stick.

And, finally, the most complicated of the bunch: the snowman marshmallow. You’ll need to melt two types of chocolate—white and dark—for this one, but that’s about as difficult as it gets. Dab the melted white chocolate onto a large marshmallow (a toothpick makes it easy to accurately draw shapes) in the shape of a nose, dip in orange sprinkles, then dab on dots of dark chocolate to create eyes and a mouth.

Now you can go ahead and take that first sip.