Deck the halls with the iconic blue bag.

By Sarah Yang
Updated November 30, 2017
IKEA Stockings

Chances are you use your IKEA blue bag for just about everything, from toting laundry and groceries to gardening to even using it as a raincoat for pets. But we bet you didn’t think of this clever way to use the iconic blue bag—as a holiday stocking.

Bootleg Baubles is selling “The Swedish Stocking,” which is made from the blue bags, for £20 (about $20). The stockings have the IKEA logo on the cuff, and the fabric straps are used to hang them from a mantel. They’re handmade in the U.K. and the description reads, “The iconic IKEA bag reimagined as a stocking. Nobody knew they wanted this and suddenly here it is.”

Unfortunately, the company made a limited edition batch of 50 and they’re all sold out now, but hopefully they’ll restock after seeing how popular they are with IKEA enthusiasts all around the globe. Or, you might be able to DIY your own with the FRAKTA bags in your house, using the original stocking as inspiration.

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We’ve seen a lot of news about the beloved FRAKTA bag this year—it celebrated its 30th anniversary, it got a redesign, and Balenciaga created a divisive “knockoff” tote that cost a whopping $2,145—so we can only imagine what will come next for the bag. Maybe a Christmas tree inspired by the bag? Or more clothing and accessories? The possibilities are endless.