How to Ship Holiday Cookies

Strategies, techniques, and tips for mailing holiday cookies—from the Real Simple test kitchen to yours.


Photo by Adam Cruft

Choose the right type of treat. Drop cookies, bar cookies, brittles, and snack mixes all ship well. Avoid anything frosted, filled, custardy, or delicate.


Photo by Adam Cruft

Bake the treats the day you plan to ship them, and let them cool completely. Place two cookies back-to-back and wrap in plastic wrap. Wrap bar cookies individually.


Photo by Adam Cruft

Place wrapped cookies in zip-top bags. Package similar cookies together; crispy cookies will get soggy if paired with soft cookies.


Photo by Adam Cruft

Line a cookie tin or airtight container with tissue or wax paper. Alternate layers of wrapped cookies and paper. Pack in additional paper to fill any gaps in the tin. Close the lid and tape it shut. Give the tin a shake—nothing should move.


Photo by Adam Cruft

Place the tin in a cardboard box just slightly larger than the tin. Pack the space around the tin with Bubble Wrap or packing peanuts. There should be two inches of cushioning around the tin.


Photo by Adam Cruft

Secure the box with packing tape (masking tape isn’t secure enough). Mark it “fragile.” Ship the box early in the week so it doesn’t sit in the post office over the weekend. Priority or overnight shipping will ensure the treats arrive quickly.