Wondering what to do once you receive those holiday greetings in the mail? Here are three simple—yet statement-making—ways to present them.

1. Natural

When you choose your holiday tree, pick up a few extra evergreen branches to use for your card display. Place them in a cylindrical vase and spread out the branches. As cards come in the mail, use a single hole punch on the top left corner and tie a loop of string through the hole. Hang each card off of the branches as unique “ornaments.”

2. Geometric

If you have some empty wall space, create a design there with string. Place nine 3M Command Mini Hooks in a circle, as evenly spaced as possible, pointing outward. Starting at 12 o’clock, secure colored baker’s twine (we chose red) to the hook with a knot. String the twine down to a hook opposite it and continue the pattern until a star-like shape forms. Tie off the twine and use mini clothespins to hang the cards from it.

3. Garland

Place two strong Command Hooks on the wall and use them to hold up a length of garland. Tie strands of assorted ribbon from the garland and secure your cards with paper clips.

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