6 Brilliant Holiday Storage Solutions

Keep everything from the artificial tree to leftover wrapping paper easily accessible year after year with these smart organizers.


Archival Ornament Storage Boxes


Made specifically to protect your collectible treasures from UV light and other harmful elements, these sturdy boxes with adjustable inserts will make future decorating a breeze.

To buy: From $25; containerstore.com.

Photo by containerstore.com

Plastic Under Bed Holiday Storage Box with Wheels


Slide these compact containers under your bed for a small-space solution for holiday decor or stack them in the attic to maximize vertical storage space. This set of four is all you’ll need for wreaths, wrapping paper, and other meaningful mementos.

To buy: $61; homedepot.com.

Photo by homedepot.com

Wrapping Paper & Supplies Organizer Storage Duffel Bag


Easily tote around your entire gift-wrapping collection with this all-in-one storage organizer with padded handles for comfortable carrying. You can also use the storage duffel for all-occasion paper during the remainder of the year.

To buy: $65; kohls.com.

Photo by kohls.com


Real Simple Double-Sided Holiday Wreath Storage Bag


This double-sided storage bag prevents delicate winter wreaths from getting dusty and damaged from heavier items. Stash them on top of your heavier bins.

To buy: $30; bedbathandbeyond.com.

Photo by bedbathandbeyond.com

Gift Wrap Storage Bag


Corral loose wrapping paper and all your gift-wrapping accessories in one convenient bag. Fit up to 12 rolls in the main compartment and stash gift tags and other small items in the divided side pockets for easy access. 

To buy: $35; pier1.com.

Photo by pier1.com

Elf Stor Premium Red Rolling Duffle Bag Style Christmas Tree Storage Bag


With three rollerblade-style wheels and heavy-duty straps, pulling out your artificial Christmas tree will no longer be a prickly task. Plus, it will protect and preserve your tree for years to come.

To buy: $40; amazon.com.

Photo by amazon.com