Holiday Organizing Checklist

Overwhelmed by all the season’s good tidings (invitations, gifts, wrapping, and decorations)? Print out this list of organizing suggestions.


Cards need writing. Gifts need buying (and wrapping). Rooms need decorating. It's time to get organized, so you have time left over to actually enjoy the holidays. Maybe you can even squeeze in a party or two!

Create a Holiday Planning Binder

Use it to stay on track over the holidays. Place lists for gifts, cards, invitations, menus, grocery shopping, and to-dos. Include a countdown calendar to help you plan when you will get everything finished. Spread the workload over a number of weeks to avoid last-minute stress.

Organize Gifts

About a month before the holidays, write a list of gift recipients, ideas for what they'd like, where you'll buy these items, and the estimated cost per gift.

Window-shop Online

Narrow down your ideas before you head out to stores.

Consolidate Shopping Trips

Purchase more than one gift at one time. Plan to have all your Christmas shopping completed at least two weeks ahead of time. Wrap and label them as soon as you get home.

Keep Entertaining Supplies Together

That means one closet for table linens, candles, china, glassware, silverware, party place settings, and decorations. Don't waste time searching for seasonal items!

Designate a Space for Gift Wrap Items

Once that space is filled, stop buying paper, gift bags, bows, and ribbons. Consider using all white paper and dressing up packages with colorful bows and ribbons.

Plan Ahead for Next Year

The week after the holidays, buy discounted cards, decorations, and wrapping paper and restock your station.

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