Keep up with the fashion, gifting, decorating, and snacking trends for the 2019 holiday season with the help of Pinterest.

2019 Holiday Decorating, Style, Food, and Gift Trends from Pinterest
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To some extent, holidays are the same year after year: Christmas always falls on the 25th of December, colorful lights are everywhere, and there are plenty of Christmas movies on Netflix. Beyond those broad details, though, there are plenty of holiday trends that shift, giving each year its own distinctive look and feel. (Remember when onesie pajamas were the must-have Christmas morning outfit?)

Knowing what those trends will be ahead of time can make prepping for the holiday season a little easier, but it also requires a certain amount of forecasting, and unless you’re a trends expert or possess a crystal ball, you might not be able to tell what’s going to be big this holiday season. That’s where Pinterest comes in: The source of internet inspiration has pulled together its annual Holiday Guide to highlight decorating trends, fashion trends, and more for the holiday season to come.

The Pinterest Holiday Guide 2019 uses data on what people are searching for on the site to determine what’s going to be trending in the near future, and this year, the holidays are bigger than ever. Searches for Christmas inspiration have gone up 220 percent. You may be of the opinion that any time outside December is too early to start putting out holiday decorations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning ahead now. If you’re determined to keep up with the holiday decorating trends and they’ve taken an unexpected turn, you want to be able to pick up the supplies you’ll need before they run out, after all.

Read on for the top holiday trends in fashion, decorating, snacking, and more—you never know what might inspire your seasonal endeavors.

Holiday decorating trends

It’s not all about Christmas: Hanukkah decor and Diwali decorations have both grown in popularity over the last year. For Christmas decorations, boho Christmas decor has been searched for 65 percent more, and small Christmas trees are up 50 percent. Sunflower Christmas trees might be the unexpected tree trend of the year: Searches have risen 66 percent.

Top recipes for the holiday season

’Tis the season to eat, and Pinterest users are searching for the indulgent snacks and treats we all love to enjoy at this time of year. Broccoli cheese balls, bacon-wrapped jalapeno cream cheese, Rotel dip with cream cheese, dairy-free chocolate chip cookies, and keto cornbread stuffing are all spiking in popularity in 2019. This year, Pinterest’s data says one of the most popular desserts on the site was cheesecake, and people are getting excited about variations on the classic: Butter pecan cheesecake recipe has grown 4,042 percent in popularity, and peach cobbler cheesecake has risen 2,772 percent.

Holiday style and fashion trends

In 2019, it’s all about the materials: Black silk skirts (up 458 percent) and long satin dresses (up 331 percent) are both bound to be big this year, according to Pinterest’s data. (Talk about dressing up for the holiday party.) Animal print dresses and puffy sleeves dress are also trending.

Top Christmas gifts 2019, according to Pinterest

According to Pinterest’s data, people aren’t planning on gifting socks and gift cards this year. Some of the best Christmas gifts are hobby-specific—wellness gifts have grown 54 percent in popularity, and travel kit gifts have increased 41 percent since last year. People want to give kits, too, not just a single gift. Like travel kit gifts, book basket gift, camping gift basket ideas, and kitchen gift basket ideas have all grown in popularity.

Otherwise, sustainable gifts and gamer gifts (for kids or not) are also going to be big. Self-gifting is also encouraged: Searches for self-care package gift ideas are up 134 percent, according to Pinterest’s data, as people push themselves (and each other) to take better care in the new year.