It’s the best thing we’ve seen this week.

By Samantha Zabell
Updated December 02, 2016
Christmas tree lights and candles
Credit: pashapixel/Getty Images

Just when you might have thought we’d reached peak Hamilton, now the Broadway hit has a fresh seasonal twist. A new video has been released on YouTube starring Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer rather than Alexander Hamilton. The familiar songs are no longer about America on the brink of freedom; instead, the antler-adorned cast sings about Rudolph’s first night leading Santa’s sleigh—he is not throwing away his shot. And this group really commits to the parody—they’re even dressed in revolutionary clothing.

The musical genius behind the number is Eclipse 6, an acapella group that met at Utah University. The band performed at the Winter Olympics in 2002 and has released seven albums (including two holiday albums). They released this parody the day after Thanksgiving—just in time to spread holiday cheer. We can’t emphasize the genius of the lyrics—if you’ve listened to the opening number on the Hamilton soundtrack, you’ll understand the brilliance of transforming a Founding Father into an ambitious-yet-misunderstood reindeer. A highlight: Where George Washington is supposed to enter the song, Santa takes his place (“The pride of the North Pole... Saint Nicholas!”).

We can’t choose a favorite lyric—you’ll have to listen for yourself. Warning: You might find yourself singing these words instead of the traditional Christmas carol this year.