It’s no secret that Santa is well-fed on Christmas Eve, thanks to the millions of cookies set out for his consumption (and, by the looks of it, he’s not starving the rest of the year either). Sadly, the hardworking Christmas elves are often overlooked, and despite the hours they spend fine-tuning and tinkering with the toys, no one thinks to leave them a tasty treat—until now.

By Real Simple
Updated December 27, 2016

To ensure that the Christmas elves receive the recognition they deserve, we crafted three adorable treats that are scaled down to their size. All three are small versions of some of our favorite desserts, because we wouldn’t make them anything we wouldn’t devour ourselves.

To create our tiny elf-sized s’mores, we began by toasting mini marshmallows with the flame of a lighter. Then, we sandwiched the crispy ‘mallow in between two cinnamon Teddy Grahams, spread with a teaspoonful of Nutella to mimic the traditional melted chocolate. To create a miniature version of the popular Peanut Butter Blossom (a peanut butter cookie topped with a Hershey’s Kiss), we pressed a mini chocolate chip into a tiny gluten-free cookie. Finally, we made a tiny batch of 3-ingredient magical chocolate pudding, baked in the oven until gooey and warm.

But the elves aren’t the only ones who can enjoy bite-sized treats this Christmas. We’re totally enamored by anything “mini,” so we made our own list of mini Christmas desserts. And don’t forget to set out something for the reindeer! We think they’ll enjoy a pile of carrots.