5 Front Door Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Shine This Holiday Season

Cue the holiday curb appeal.

If you want to maximize your holiday decorating efforts this year, your front door is the best place to start. Not only will this festive front door decor greet you the moment you get home, but it will add some sparkle to the entire block. For those who want to get their home in the spirit of the season but aren't necessarily interested in devoting weeks to stringing lights and prefer to leave climbing up on the housetop to Santa, these front door decor ideas strike the ideal balance between cheerful and easy to achieve. Try one of these looks to get holiday-ready curb appeal in one afternoon.

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Embellish a Store-Bought Wreath

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You don't have to DIY your front door decor to give it a personal touch. Start with a store-bought wreath crafted from evergreen boughs and red berry branches (whether real or faux is up to you!), then add a red velvet bow to make it yours. Tuck small evergreen pieces trimmed from your Christmas tree into the wreath to make it look lush. Some other ideas: wrap the wreath in battery-powered twinkle lights, intersperse pinecone picks throughout, or suspend a silver bell from the top of the wreath.

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Frame Your Front Door

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To really make a grand entrance, frame the front door with store-bought pre-lit garland. Bonus points for highlighting any interesting architecture details, such as columns. If you embellish the garland with bows or ornaments, just check that they're recommended for outdoor use.

Light the way to the front door by setting out some durable outdoor lanterns. Opt for flameless candles rather than the real deal, so you won't have to keep an eye on them.

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Mark the Path

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Line the stairs up to your front door with evergreen plants to greet guests every step of the way. Real evergreen will impart a familiar holiday scent, but faux can be reused year after year and won't get devoured by deer. Hint: To make artificial trees or wreaths smell authentic, tuck a scented ornament into the branches.

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Make It Warm and Welcoming

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The simplest way to make guests feel welcome (and stop the slush before it's tracked inside) is to set out a seasonal coir doormat. Find holiday-themed options at World Market or Target, or request a customized design with your family's name on Etsy. Then, recruit Frosty and Fido as the welcoming committee.

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Spell Out a Season's Greeting

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If you're not afraid to get a little crafty with your front door decor ideas, create your own holiday message using sturdy wire and evergreen branches. First, form letters out of sturdy low-gauge wire, using pliers to help. Then attach evergreen pieces to the form using pieces of thinner, higher gauge wire. Continue adding overlapping pieces until the entire form is covered in greenery.

To prevent the letters from swaying in the wind, it's a good idea to attach them to a surface, like the front of the house or the side of a shed, and secure them at both the top and bottom.

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